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atomic-write Provides an atomic implementation of fs.writeFile

autofile-mv Move files and folders.

autofile-scaffolding-file-rename Replaces {{placeholders}} of file and folder names.

bucket-rename-dir Rename directories for Amazon S3 objects.

cjs-rename Rename a CJS file thing

copyrename Duplicate the same file from number 1 to 'count', file extention remains the same

exify Convert generic image filenames to filenames with EXIF creation dates

grunt-rename Move and/or rename files.

imvi capitalized first letter of the files inside a folder

ios-image-modifier Utilidad para renombrar imágenes para retina display en iOS.

jsmv rename modules in js files

movefile rename implementation working over devices

mutiny Recursively mutates files in a given directory.

mv fs.rename but works across devices. same as the unix utility 'mv'

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

pathcap Recursively rename directories and files to have names no longer than given number of bytes.

projekt A project management set of tools designed around require.js that includes tools to analyze all your javascript files and perform refactoring on them.

quokka An Interactive File Renamer

remapify Alias directories of files for browserify

rename-key Rename key in object

rename-keys Modify the names of the own enumerable properties (keys) of an object.

renameify A browserify transform for renaming variables.

rexname Utility to rename files/folders using regular expressions.

rn yet another rename tool

trainsform trainform a object to the others - key, value changed

translate-object Translate an object representation into another based on a map.

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