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awesomebox-layer layer-cake plugin to use awesomebox as a rendering engine

axilla Simple Node.js view templating with Handlebars.

batchgl A library for easy WebGL batching.

boosh spawn a window and draw stuff using the html5 canvas api"

browser-perf Measure browser performance metrics

docpad-plugin-browserifybundles Bundle scripts into browserify packages

docpad-plugin-browserifydocs Browserify your documents by adding the `browserify: true` meta data

docpad-plugin-client-jade Adds support for Jade as a client-side template language to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-eco Adds support for the Eco templating engine to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-ect Adds support for the ECT templating engine to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-fest Fest templating engine for DocPad.

docpad-plugin-haml Adds support for the HAML templating engine to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-hamlcoffee DocPad plugin for rendering hamlcoffee files

docpad-plugin-handlebars Adds support for the Handlebars templating engine to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-hogan Adds support for the Hogan templating engine to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-html2jade Adds support for HTML to the Jade templating engine in DocPad.

docpad-plugin-jade Adds support for the Jade templating engine to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-nodesass Adds support for the SCSS CSS pre-processor to DocPad using node-sass

docpad-plugin-sass Adds support for the SASS and SCSS CSS pre-processors to DocPad. It also supports the Compass framework.

docpad-plugin-swig Adds support for the swig templating engine to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-text Allows you to render templateData with HTML elements

docpad-plugin-vash DocPad plugin that renders vash (Razor syntax) templates

docpad-plugin-velocity Adds support for the Velocity templating engine to DocPad.

dpd-pdf PDF rendering resource for Deployd.

express-compose Engine agnostic helpers for express view rendering.

geojson-rewind enforce winding order for geojson

grunt-load-perf Grunt task for generating visual report to measure web applications loading and rendering performance.

gulp-compile-handlebars Compile Handlebars templates to file - gulp plugin

gulp-template Compile Lodash templates. Underscore too.

koan-views Enhanced template rendering using ES6 generators

marks Simple, fast & extensible markup parsing, traversing & rendering.

ngraph.fabric Fabric.js graph renderer

nigiri Flexible hierarchical rendering engine.

rsvg Parse SVG files and render them as PNG, PDF, SVG, or raw memory buffer images.

soma-template Seamless DOM-based templates.

springform For cheesecake and full-stack form processing

surfacecurve-gfx a client-side rendering engine

three JavaScript 3D library

triangle-buffer A DOM based 3D triangle renderer

two.js A two-dimensional drawing api meant for modern browsers.

twojs-browserify A browserified two-dimensional drawing api meant for modern browsers.

vectorize-text Render a string to a vectorized cell complex

view-engine View resolver and rendering engine for Node.js and the browser

voxel-wireframe wireframe shader for voxels

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