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apiaxle-repl ApiAxle's commandline interface.

atropa-repl-autoload Autoloads a file into the Node REPL on start then passes control to the user.

awrepl A slightly better REPL utility

better-repl Improved REPL for Node.js

biwascheme A practical Scheme interpreter written in JavaScript

buff Buff your node repl or runtime with the best libraries and utilities.

cheerio-repl A REPL for interacting with DOMs using Cheerio

cli-presenter A node-cli presenter based on REPL

cluster-master-ext A module for taking advantage of the built-in `cluster` module in node v0.8+, enables rolling worker restarts, resizing, repl, events, configurable timeouts, debug method. Extended version of cluster-master

connect-repl Inject REPL as Connect or Express middleware

crconsole Remote JavaScript console for Chrome/Webkit

doc Runtime documentation tool for REPL

dshaw-talk-2012-05-jsday Node.js Production Secrets

dyn-repl dynamically start/stop a REPL inside your running process

ee-simple-repl Collect user input from a stream / stdin

filerepl A simple repl to work with a single file with auto reloading.

fxconsole Remote JavaScript console for Firefox

hot-repl inspect state, replace functions, kill app, all at the distance of a TCP connection

http-console Speak HTTP like a native

http-console2 Speak HTTP like a native

humbug debug inline state with a streaming repl

iyql Interactive YQL

js-debuggy Remote interactive javascript debug console based on node.js and

jsdom-cli A mini REPL using a jsdom based environment

lev CLI/REPL/TUI for levelDB/Nodebase

level-repl REPL for LevelUP compatible databases

level1 level1 is a JavaScript API over leveldb. besides the core abstraction, exposes a command line interface and an HTTP one too.

minq-repl interactive querying for mongodb a la minq

mongocon repl for mongoose models

mongovi REPL for mongodb with vi key bindings

nesh-doc Interactive documentation for nesh

net-repl REPL over the network with autocomplete and color support. Both Server and Client

node-web-repl Add a web-based read/eval/print/loop to your Node.js app (useful for debugging)

nrepl a nodeJS 0.10 compatible REPL server/client. simple, but includes autoComplete and colors.

oscr A Read Eval Print loop for Open Sound Control messages

promptsj the worst package ever. Simple extended prompt i use for running javascript and shell at the same time. Use it if you want.

py python interpreter in javascript

repl A simple fast template libray.

repl-client REPL Client (rc) with tab completion and history. A simple, npm installable alternative to netcat (nc) and socat.

repl-console repl-console ============

repl-promised Make any Node.js REPL support promises (Promises/A+).

repl-utils REPL utils

repl.js JS interactive repl with promise support & cli module requiring

replcator Read-eval-print loop (REPL) application framework for Nodejs.

replica REPL which throws JavaScript code to browsers

replica-js a Nodejs REPL server

replify Easily add a REPL to your Node.js app.

replique REPL server for individual requests.

replit sometimes you need a repl (inspired by

replize Simple REPL for embedding into applications

replpad Pipes content of files to a node repl whenever they change and adds many more features to enable a highly interactive coding experience.

reptile Plugin for creating a REPL

scratchy repl with node_modules preloaded

screpl A pluggable command line scraper with REPL support.

spies spy on a running program

spirepl Live REPL that updates with your code

stdrepl An standard REPL for node.js to enable programmers to create interactive user interfaces.

sub-repl Just another REPL which allow you to spawn new repls

swank-js Swank backend for Node.JS and in-browser JavaScript.

syncrepl REPL that makes doing async calls easier

talky A repl for text to speech

tools.repl Helpful utilities for working in the repl

trapdoor Drop into an interactive eval loop to modify and evaluate expressions in your code.

tsi A typescript REPL (command line interpreter)

ultra-repl Starting with Node's built in REPL, add in a completely redone inspect formatter, actual functioning separate V8 contexts, keybindings to create, switch, and delete between them, combine it with a bunch of color. ULTRA REPL.

web-terminal Web-Terminal is a terminal server that provides remote CLI via standard web browser and HTTP protocol.

webrepl Serve a repl for a node process via a web console

yongoose A mongoose repl

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