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backpack-replicator Reliably replicate files between backpack instances.

couchdb-replicate-views Replicate CouchDB Views after a migration or fresh install

couchdb-sync generic couchdb replicator which is basically an eventemitter

couchnomnom Replicate all your couchdb databases from A to B

couchviews Store and load CouchDB views to / from your file system for easier setup of new databases.

fgnpmr For those special times when replicating npm just won't cut it

gossip-object replicate an object with scuttlebutt

grunt-replicate Grunt Task for Replicating Directories

level-couch-sync syncronize couchdb data into leveldb

npm-package-search search npm with a local synchronized package list

npm-package-sync synchronize the npm package list to a local file

npm-republicate Replicate an NPM module (along with its deps) from registry A to registry B (by publishing it && its deps).

pnpm-replicate Replicate one or more packages from to a private npm registry.

quilter Maps file directory to a Cloudant database

replicant synchronize objects through a stream

replicate-http Replicate remote files by webdav protocol.

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