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actionhero_client actionhero client in JS for other node servers to use

allow-request whitelist certain http routes

animation animation timing & handling

api-client Object Oriented library for HTTP Web API clients

api-signed-request Signed request server/client for token-based APIs

asker http.request wrapper with request retries and http.Agent tuning

autofile-download Task that downloads files

bagofrequest A bag-of-holding containing request utility functions.

bapi A small wrapper to Alfredo API services

baseview minimalistic couchbase view client for node.js

basicrequest basic xmlhttprequest

batch-request Batch Request - Utility library to enable a server to handle batch requests

beer a simple useful wrapper of request

bench-rest bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. Node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API' using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.

benchget Simple Get benchmark command line similar to Apache Bench

best-encoding Choose the best compression encoding

bodymedia Interface to the Bodymedia API -

browser-request Browser port of the Node.js 'request' package

buffered-request request.pause() fix. Hack/patch that makes The request object buffered.

bunyan-request-logger Automated request logging connect middleware for Express. Powered by Bunyan.

cable Cable is a fast and simple binary request/response protocol stream for Node.js

cache-quest a simple drop-in cache for request

cat cat will read the contents of an url

chaps cache fronted http api caller

co-body request body parsing for co

co-request co-request thunkify wrapper for request

co-retest Wrapper for the retest library for co-like interfaces (generators)

co-seven seven module in co harmony yield

co-urllib co version of urllib

connect-mock-request Connect mock request useful for testing.

connect-request-data-logger A middleware for logging request data.

connect-request-id request ids for connect/express

connect-request-timeout Request timeout middleware for Express/Connect

connect-requestid Connect middleware that adds a unique id to each request.

couch-request A really minimal CouchDB client

csrf-lite csrf protection for framework-less node sites

curl-trace-parser Parse curl --trace option output to raw HTTP message

curli Simple HTTP HEAD requests, just like you would with `curl -I`.

curljs Node.js module that wraps curl functionality

curly a http request module for node and the browser

current Easily consume a Google Plus user's activity feed.

dat-middleware common request, response, body, query, and param validation, transformation, and flow control middleware

debitoor Small request wrapper that makes it easy to work with the API

default-user-agent Default user agent string for nodejs http request

delayed-request Simple module wrapping the "request" module to add some random delay between requests.

derby-locale-browser Add browser support to derby-locale.

diet-request Simple HTTP Request Client

domain-http-server A module for attaching domains to request and response objects

download Download and extract files effortlessly

e2e-transaction-logger Transaction log interface

ee-aws-v4-request class for making requests to some of the aws services

ee-aws-v4-signature amazon aws v4 signature generator for their rest interfaces of several of their services

eloqua-request Access Eloqua's public REST API using node.js.

express-apiproxy A module to make a bridge between user's request and backend HTTP API server.

express-obc Object-based controllers for Express framework

express-schema [![Build Status](](

fast-download accelerated (multiple connections) http download stream

fb-signed-parser facebook signed request parser

file-uploader Programmatic multipart file uploads. Designed for testing file uploads.

fire-http HTTP expressions for fire.js

flask-router Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.

flask-router-plus Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.

follow-db-updates Easy CouchDB _db_changes follower, with older couch pollyfill

formstream A multipart/form-data encoded stream, helper for file upload.

full-url A function that returns the full URL of a request, including the scheme and host.

futon command line futon

game-shell Ready-to-go game shell

gavel Gavel HTTP validator JavaScript library

get A slightly higher-level HTTP client for node.

getit Retrieve local and remote files through a simple interface

getjson Simply make a request to a JSON service

getlet HTTP(s) get request with redirect, compress and streaming

gitenforcer a small bot to monitor pull requests

github-request Simplified GitHub API requests.

gitlab GitLab API Nodejs library.

got Simplified HTTP/HTTPS requests

grunt-curl Download files from the internet via grunt.

grunt-get Download web pages or assets over HTTP requests.

grunt-http Sends a HTTP request and deals with the response.

grunt-repos Grunt task to download a list of repos from GitHub's API

hal-body Parse hal+json body using halson and co-body

hammock Node.js mock / polyfill http object library for http req / res

hapi-request Hapi request object decorator for more betterness.

hapi-statsd A hapi plugin for sending request round trip metrics to statsd

headers_parser Extract request headers information

hoxy-module Web proxy (forked from

http-debug Simple http(s) request debugger.

http-duplex-client Duplex API for making an HTTP request (write the req, read the response)

http-emit Emit requests for local node server

http-monster A HTTP benchmarking tool for CLI

http-noupgrade merge upgrade requests back into the request listener

http-proxy-simple Simple HTTP proxy, allowing protocol and payload interception

http-reduce Reducible HTTP library

http-request-node A node module that makes HTTP requests

http-request-umd A UMD module that performs HTTP requests

http-route HTTP request routing using a nestable functional style

http-route-proxy Convenient HTTP proxy for cross-domail request, request forward and creating mock data.

http-string-parser Parse HTTP Request and Response from String

http-util Miscelaneous HTTP/S utilities

httperr HTTP status codes as JavaScript errors.

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