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request-timeout Http request timeout

request-with-cookies An enhancement to mikeal/request library to create reusuable clients that supports cookies per client

request2 Consistent promise and event-driven API for performing HTTP/JSON requests

requesty http and https requests in node and in browser

reqwestify Drop-in reqwest alias for request for the browser

rerun A retry library for node.js

resourced A resource oriented DSL for configuring express.js (REST).

response Streaming and mutation API for HTTP responses.

restq Declarative way of getting data from RESTful APIs.

retest Request driven library for testing HTTP servers

routes-http Simple but powerful HTTP request router

rzero Simple http request helper

scgi-stream Simple SCGI client

scookie A secure cookie generator

scrap A simple screen scraper module that uses jQuery style semantics.

seesaw a quick-setup springboard server working around cross-domain requests

seven Making small simple APIs from other web sites in a small module that collects information

simple-github A simple, request-inspired and promise-based wrapper around GitHub's API.

slumber Port of Python's slumber library -- A library that makes consuming a RESTful API easier and more convenient

smsapi-pl implementation for node.js

snapscrape Snapscrape is a modular scaper that fetchs content from other sites and uses middleware to parse the data

socialfinder Gather social links from a website

socketio-transport socketio-transport will allow you to define request handlers on the server side and to access them from the client side.

stacks Simple, reliable request/reply-based distributed computing over TCP.

stagger Execute a stack with a given 'request-per-seconds' and 'max-requests' rate.

streamin Provide a better streaming api in your app.

super-request Wrapper on top of request for testing HTTP servers

superagent elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API

superagent-ender elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API

supertest Super-agent driven library for testing HTTP servers

supertest-chai Super-agent driven library for testing HTTP servers with Chai asserts

sushi-ajax request module built for sushi ripped out and packaged up for simpler consumption on it's own.

task-request Read files with request.

tent-request Performes requests against a Tent server

teqlabs-testify Test API routes and store cookies using npm request.

test-requests Connect middleware to handle test-environment-only requests for end-to-end tests

testresources Adds some conventions to superagent to make testing HTTP APIs quicker.

throttled-request Throttled version of request.

thug-couch An add-on module to use couchdb as a document db for Thug models

thunkagent Yieldable SuperAgent with a thunk() method

torrequest request-clone with connection to torfetch-module

total-recall Web traffic replay tool

transients Transient JSON request caching

transport a hub for centralizing all your request handlers within your application

twagent thin wrapper on top of superagent to sign twitter request

twitreq Generates a request options object suitable for making signed and authenticated requests to the v1.1 Twitter OAuth REST API using the native Node https library.

unirest Lightweight HTTP Request library.

uri-stream Stream contents from a URI

urllib Help in opening URLs (mostly HTTP) in a complex world — basic and digest authentication, redirections, cookies and more.

uxhr The teeny tiny cross-browser XHR library - just 493 bytes gzipped!

vow-asker Module wraps [asker]( API in the [Vow]( promises implementation.

winston-request-logger Winston based http request logger for express.

winston-tagged-request-logger Pipes events from request.js to a TaggedLogger

worker-query Reduces the boilerplate in setting up a request/response pattern between your main thread and a web worker

xcouch couch [x] lightweight

xdrgo cross-site http requests in your browser script

xhrgo use an xhr object for common http requests in your browser script

xhrgoform use an xhr object for common http requests in your browser script

xtorrent 1337x simple api

yalog Logging module that allows for custom levels and custom output support

yi-http 对http请求进行了get,post的封装,增加了解码,跳转,超时,代理服务器等功能。

yi-top 用于后台方便地调用淘宝的API

zmq_reqres A CoffeeScript implementation of ZeroMQ request/response model

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