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animate A small wrapper around requestAnimationFrame that adds a frame rate constraint.

animation-frame An even better requestAnimationFrame

animator Hook into request animation frame or setInterval if rAF not available

annie A super tiny library for authoring cross-browser animations

component-raf request animation frame

crtrdg-entity entity module for crtrdg games

crtrdg-gameloop gameloop module for crtrdg – canvas-based animation.

crtrdg-player **example** player module for crtrdg. try it out to learn how to implement your own player module. this one is also used for simple examples.

crtrdg-scene scene module for crtrdg games

flywheel Animation looping utility for the browser

fxjs The tiny animation library - high performance, works with everthing from iOS to IE6, and dependency free. For applications where you need a lot of animation functionality without a lot of footprint.

game-loop Simple gameloop utility class to use with browserify

o2.timer o2.js timer utility methods

qanimationframe Promisified requestAnimationFrame with Q

raf requestAnimationFrame polyfill library

raf-component request animation frame

raf-shim This is a browserify compatible shim for request and cancel animation frame

raf.js Yet another requestAnimationFrame polyfill.

react-raf-batching High performance batching strategy for React

rx-dom Library for using DOM elements as well as Ajax requests

uupaa.clock.js Master Clock.

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