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boy A lightweight, modern, HTML5 Boilerplate fork with conditionally loaded polyfills for amazing browser support back to IE7

css-reset-json reset css

docpad-plugin-gitrestapi Docpad plugin that supplies a REST API for interacting with Git

express-resetter Utility module to reset an Express instance to a previous state after registering middleware

git-lite git clone to local path

password-reset middleware for password reset emails

password-reset-nodemailer Middleware for password reset emails using nodemailer

recant A promise library that violates everything you know about promises.

reset.styl Just one powerful implementation of those popular resets in Stylus

steer-reset Reset the state in google chrome

stylus-normalize Stylus importable normalize

topcoat-button-bar-base Topcoat button bar base.

topcoat-button-base Topcoat button base. Reset styles for buttons.

topcoat-checkbox-base Topcoat checkbox base. Reset styles for checkboxes.

topcoat-overlay-base Topcoat overlay base. Reset style for overlay.

topcoat-search-input-base Topcoat search input base styles.

topcoat-textarea-base Topcoat textarea base.

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