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absolution absolution accepts HTML and a base URL, and returns HTML with absolute URLs. Great for generating valid RSS feeds.

denodify Use nodejs modules in the browser. Used with bb-server and html-builder

ember-webpack-resolver An Ember resolver for use with webpack

faviconr Service (and a pluggable Node.js express app) for resolving a favicon for a given URL

find-requires Find all require() calls. Fast and solid implementation backed with direct scanner and esprima AST parser

kevoree-resolvers Standard Kevoree Javascript resolvers

pixelpolishers-resolver A C++ dependency manager and makefile generator.

resolveme findme resolver for node

resolverjs a simple dependency resolver for nodejs

songlocator-api SongLocator resolvers exposed as WebSocket API

songlocator-base SongLocator base module

songlocator-cli SongLocator command line utilities

songlocator-deezer SongLocator resovler for Deezer

songlocator-exfm SongLocator resovler for exfm

songlocator-rdio SongLocator resovler for rdio

songlocator-soundcloud SongLocator resovler for SoundCloud

songlocator-spotify SongLocator resovler for Spotify

songlocator-youtube SongLocator resovler for YouTube

ticket.js A application kernel that abstracts express.js request handling and browser href click events into a common event interface for isomorphic purposes

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