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allocator A resource allocation framework. Take Job in set A, assign to Slot in set B, where all slots are unique combinations of available resources.

angular-restful-resource Simple AngularJS Restful Resource extension for ngResource.

argo-resource A resource API framework for Argo.

astrolin astro-let's do open links / source

ch A simple approach to handling resource concurrency limits within a single system thread.

climax Pooler for multiple resources

crafity-resources NodeJS module for multilingual resource files

detour Resource-oriented routing: Route to objects instead of functions for better code-reuse and organization.

dpd-curl-proxy A cURL based proxy resource for deployd

dpd-fb-proxy Facebook proxy for deployd

dpd-pdf PDF rendering resource for Deployd.

dpd-proxy A simple proxy resource for deployd

dpd-twitter-proxy Twitter proxy for deployd

ebay-ready-client node client for resoruce framework 2.0

era REST adapter for express

express-controllers MVC routing for express

express-controllers-new MVC routing for express

express-cors-options Create a catch all for responding to CORS OPTIONS method requests

express-lane an express routing extension that provides named, resourceful and reversible routes

express-resource Resourceful routing for express

express-resource-middleware Resourceful routing for express with route middleware support

express-resource-new An enhancement to express-resource

express-resource-plus Provides RESTful routes for resources.

express-restless Resource-based framework for express.

exprest Make easier to build RESTful API based on express-resource

expresto Create RESTful express services with ease.

fetchncache Fetches a resource from a server and stores it inside a redis cache and the next time it grabs it from there

generator-resource-html Front-end scaffold for building O.P.E.N. brands

genji-static A static file serving middleware for genji framework.

grunt-resman A HTML resource manager.

hapi-mongoose-resource resourceful mongoose objects for the hapi framework

has-cors Detects support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

hateoasjs HATEOAS library to help create resources on the Node.js platform

hyperjson-browser A browser for Hyper+json APIs. Works well with <a href=''>Percolator apps</a>

jest JavaScriptational State Transfer. JS restful API layer with Mongoose based resources. Inspired by python Tastypie

jquery-nor-rest jQuery REST client plugin for Sendanor REST APIs

koa-resource-router RESTful resource routing for koa.

koa-router-controller Controllers with a Rails-like RESTful interface for koa

kroute Modular Koa router middleware with Express-style routes and middleware mounting

lazorse-nesting Flexible nested resource support for Lazorse

len Calendar database for of resource bookings in leveldb

manifest-res Extract manifest resources from HTML file

mekanika-query Isomorphic fluent interface for building query objects

mermin Simple merger/minifier/compiler/resource manager for cluster/express

meta-path Provides metadata information about resource paths (file system and shared network)

mio-express Expose Mio models via RESTful resource middleware.

mio-resource Expose Mio models via RESTful resource middleware.

modella-resource Expose Modella models via RESTful resource middleware.

mr8 Mongoose resource

nails-sendgrid Send email with SendGrid and Nails

nice-package Simple async client-side resource bundling for Node.js

node-queue-pool manage concurrent actions/jobs, manage limits resource

node-resource-monitor Monitoring system resources that consumed by a nodejs app

oneone oneone is an http server library for node.js that aims to more completely support http 1.1

percolator Percolator is a framework for quickly and easily building quality HTTP APIs in Node.js

Percolator Percolator is a framework for quickly and easily building quality HTTP APIs in Node.js

pieshop A javascript interface for Tastypie supporting Django-style querying

postpone A polyfill for postponing the loading of media.

pound Asset Manager for NodeJS/Express

primus-resource Define resources with auto-binded methods that can be called remotely on top of Primus.

railstyle-router Rails-like routing for Express 3.x

resorcery a library for creating 'resources' to respond to http requests in node.js

resource node.js resource library

resource-account for managing accounts

resource-admin a web based admin panel

resource-agent Module for quickly writing api clients that roughly follow common rest patterns

resource-analytics real-time analytics by google

resource-api provides a web API for interacting with resources

resource-bitcoin for managing bitcoins

resource-bundler Simple asset bundler for express styled loosley after the .NET MVC 4 bundler.

resource-calculator a basic calculator

resource-cli provides a command line interface

resource-compiler Resource compiler and cacher for Express.

resource-config configuration management for resources

resource-couchdb adds couchdb persistence

resource-creature example resource for creatures like dragons, unicorns, and ponies

resource-cron for managing cron jobs

resource-datasource perists resources to data storage engines

resource-datetime date and time helper

resource-docs for generating documentation

resource-email for sending emails

resource-forms for generating HTML forms

resource-fs adds file-system persistence

resource-github for interacting with the API

resource-hook for managing event hooks ( IF this THEN that )

resource-html for rendering html

resource-http provides an HTTP API

resource-irc for managing communication with irc

resource-juggling Easy REST for JugglingDB ORM and Express

resource-manager Manage resource cache with promise

resource-markdown for parsing markdown

resource-memory adds memory persistence

resource-mesh provides a distributed p2p event emitter mesh

resource-node for managing nodes

resource-npm for interacting with the Node Package Manager api

resource-oauth for managing oauth providers and sessions

resource-package for generating package files

resource-packager for generating packager files

resource-page for representing HTML pages

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