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resource-persistence enables persistence for resources

resource-queue a queue for resource events

resource-repl enables an interactive Read-Eval-Print-Loop ( REPL )

resource-replication for managing and keeping track of replication events

resource-replicator provides an application replication API for resource based apps

resource-resource meta-resource for describing and creating new resources

resource-router A connect-compatible resource-orinted router for building RESTful applications

resource-routing Building simple, easy restful routes for nodejs & expressjs, with a viewable routing table

resource-socket websockets resource

resource-ssh ssh interface resource

resource-stdin allows application to listen for input from STDIN

resource-stdout outputs all events as new-line delimited JSON fragments to STDOUT

resource-swig for parsing swig

resource-system for interacting with the operating system

resource-tag a simple hierarchical tagging system

resource-tree A useful separation of lookup (URL parsing/routing) and resources for implementing a HTTP server.

resource-twitter for interacting with the Twitter API

resource-validator adds JSON-validator to resources

resource-video for managing online digital videos

resource-view for managing views

resource-virtualhost provides virtual hosts

resourcecache Caches resources from a string or URL in local files.

resourceful A storage agnostic resource-oriented ODM for building prototypical models with validation and sanitization.

resourcemap Resourceful routing for Express 4.x

resourcer resource-oriented object-relational mapper for document databases

resourcify browserify.require() for templates and other resources

restful-api Build RESTful APIs via Convention.

restify-magic Magic resources for restify

restify-mongoose Expose mongoose models as REST resources

restify-resource Resourceful routing for restify

revalidator-model Simple validatable models with revalidator.

rql Query language for the web, NoSQL

siren-resource Resourceful routing with siren+json hypermedia for Express.

stagas-express-resource-new An enhancement to express-resource

titan A stellar API framework built on top of Argo.

tower-resource Data models that can be stored in any database or remote service using adapters.

unique-resource Get a short, unique key for a given file path based on the content of the file or its path.

upgrayedd Special features for your models

view A View engine

whiteboard Model and Controller based framework for web applications

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