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access access control resources, groups and modes by id

angular-presst RESTful resources with embedding capabilities for AngularJS

artpacks-ui user interface for artpacks module

bacl Simple, fast and secure node ACL

daisy-resources A data representation of a DAISY 2.02 book

distributor Easy distribution of resources through AMQP

express-resource-new An enhancement to express-resource

express-resource-plus Provides RESTful routes for resources.

express-resourceful Allows for loading resources from a filesystem structure matching the URI

grab-bag Easily loads and stores system resources

hub Application loader with simple container for shared resources

inlineresources Inlines stylesheets, images, fonts and scripts in HTML documents.

lockserver A distributed locking client/server implementation

mongofoo Resourceful JSON API for Express+Mongo

node-resourcer This module attempts to ease the loading and parsing of resource files into the application. It'll load automatically any file of a known format into a hash. That hash will be structured accordingly to the folder structure.

node-resources A helper to register routes from modules on restify and ExpressJS. Improves separation of concerns and propose a different code organization on your application.

promiseus promise oriented wrappers for api resources and aws services

protolus-resource a CommonJS based server-side resource delivery mechanism with client side shim

railstyle-router Rails-like routing for Express 3.x

rawhub Get Github raw files and adds the correct content type

resorcery a library for creating 'resources' to respond to http requests in node.js

resource-account for managing accounts

resource-admin a web based admin panel

resource-analytics real-time analytics by google

resource-api provides a web API for interacting with resources

resource-bitcoin for managing bitcoins

resource-calculator a basic calculator

resource-cli provides a command line interface

resource-compiler Resource compiler and cacher for Express.

resource-config configuration management for resources

resource-couchdb adds couchdb persistence

resource-creature example resource for creatures like dragons, unicorns, and ponies

resource-cron for managing cron jobs

resource-datasource perists resources to data storage engines

resource-datetime date and time helper

resource-docs for generating documentation

resource-email for sending emails

resource-forms for generating HTML forms

resource-fs adds file-system persistence

resource-github for interacting with the API

resource-hook for managing event hooks ( IF this THEN that )

resource-html for rendering html

resource-http provides an HTTP API

resource-irc for managing communication with irc

resource-markdown for parsing markdown

resource-memory adds memory persistence

resource-mesh provides a distributed p2p event emitter mesh

resource-node for managing nodes

resource-npm for interacting with the Node Package Manager api

resource-oauth for managing oauth providers and sessions

resource-package for generating package files

resource-packager for generating packager files

resource-page for representing HTML pages

resource-permissions for managing permissions

resource-persistence enables persistence for resources

resource-queue a queue for resource events

resource-reader Handles streaming a file resource, emitting content-type event

resource-repl enables an interactive Read-Eval-Print-Loop ( REPL )

resource-replication for managing and keeping track of replication events

resource-replicator provides an application replication API for resource based apps

resource-resource meta-resource for describing and creating new resources

resource-routing Building simple, easy restful routes for nodejs & expressjs, with a viewable routing table

resource-socket websockets resource

resource-ssh ssh interface resource

resource-stdin allows application to listen for input from STDIN

resource-stdout outputs all events as new-line delimited JSON fragments to STDOUT

resource-swig for parsing swig

resource-system for interacting with the operating system

resource-tag a simple hierarchical tagging system

resource-twitter for interacting with the Twitter API

resource-validator adds JSON-validator to resources

resource-video for managing online digital videos

resource-view for managing views

resource-virtualhost provides virtual hosts

restangular Restful Resources service for AngularJS apps

stagas-express-resource-new An enhancement to express-resource

static-files a simple module for serving static files. Files are beeing cached after first read for better performance.

swallow A resource manager for delivering and reading content in browser-based games, work in progress

urequire Convert AMD & commonjs modules to UMD, AMD, commonjs or `combined.js` (rjs & almond) & run/test on nodejs, Web/AMD or Web/Script. Manipulate & inject module code & dependencies while building & more

view A View engine

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