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api-response-times Writes to a file the time in ms your server takes from approximately the time your API is called to when the response is returned.

apicache An ultra-simplified API/JSON response caching middleware for Express/Node using plain-english durations.

bunyan-request-logger Automated request logging connect middleware for Express. Powered by Bunyan.

connect-callback A middleware for Connect and Express that allows sending data to a response stream using the callback API

connect-error Smoothly pass errors through your connect application

connect-expires expires middlewae for connect(express)

connect-request-timeout Request timeout middleware for Express/Connect

connect-response Response middleware for Connect

connect-response-cache Cache responses from your application.

dat-middleware common request, response, body, query, and param validation, transformation, and flow control middleware

domain-http-server A module for attaching domains to request and response objects

dyson Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.

dyson-generators Fake data generators for dyson

dyson-image Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson

dyson-lorempixel Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson

emulator A simple server for emulating an API

expres Add express compatible methods to your response object

express-obc Object-based controllers for Express framework

express-slicer An Express middleware that provides the functionality for partial JSON responses based on the query string.

ftp-response-parser Parser for FTP server responses

gab A module to help implement command/response protocols

gavel Gavel HTTP validator JavaScript library

hammock Node.js mock / polyfill http object library for http req / res

hoxy-module Web proxy (forked from

http-delayed-response Simple module for delaying a response, optionally with long-polling support

http-json-response send json easy

http-proxy-simple Simple HTTP proxy, allowing protocol and payload interception

http-string-parser Parse HTTP Request and Response from String

httperr HTTP status codes as JavaScript errors.

intercept Intercepts ServerResponse methods so you can apply filters

jsender Simple and structured application level JSON responses for Express. Based on JSend specification.

json-api-response API responses in JSON format

json-list-response json-list-response

json-list-stream json-list-stream

json-response API-ish JSON response for express using basic fields (status, data, message). DRY.

koa-jsend Simple and structured application level JSON responses for Koa based on JSend specification.

koa-redis-cache a middleware for koa to cache response with redis.

koa-response-time X-Repsonse-Time middleware for koa

koa-rt X-Repsonse-Time middleware for koa with microtime

mashape-oauth Library for handling OAuth (1.0a, Echo, XAuth, and 2.0) Requests and Responses

mock-http-response A mock HTTP response object for testing and profit

mock-res Mocks node.js http.ServerResponse. See also `mock-req`.

mongoose-rest-ready A plugin for mongoosejs to turn documents into REST API ready responses

nami An asterisk manager interface client, uses EventEmitter to communicate events, will allow you to send actions, and receive responses (and associated events), and also receive async events from server

nami-raw Minor fork of NAMI. It adds a raw event emitter and ability to subscribe to events on connect. Original Description: An asterisk manager interface client, uses EventEmitter to communicate events, will allow you to send actions, and receive responses (and

node-decorate A proxy server to decorate a html/xml document with jQuery.

nodefly Application Performance Monitoring Agent

oppressor streaming http compression response negotiator

parse-json-response Gather up a JSON response from a server, and call the cb

phoxy Web-hacking proxy

pingpong Dead simple RPC with response support

primus-responder Request-Response ortiented communication for websockets with Primus.

request-stream json request-response over a stream

request-timeout Http request timeout

res-handler Smart JSON API response handler.

response Streaming and mutation API for HTTP responses.

response-codes Extends http.ServerResponse to include status code functions.

response-cookie cookie helpers for response.

response-end Adds an end event to the given response object

response-patch monkey patch for `http.ServerResponse`.

response-send response.send() prototype method

response-spy Intercepts HTTP response headers && body (without any man-in-the-middle http proxy server)

response-stream pass http server response methods through to the next destination pipe

resware Middleware to wrap around the http.ServerResponse for setting headers before writeHead() gets called

ripple-core Ripple is an interactive audience response system that allows presenters to survey audience members in real time communication through their mobile devices.

safelink SafeLink is an open-source NodeJS library created to maintain long-term communication between distant remote sites with varying network quality

strong-agent Application Performance Monitoring Agent

validate-json-res validate json response

worker-query Reduces the boilerplate in setting up a request/response pattern between your main thread and a web worker

zmq_reqres A CoffeeScript implementation of ZeroMQ request/response model

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