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crud Crud functionality for mongoose-models. Fits well with express.js

cruds Easy CRUD + SUBSCRIBE with mongodb and node.js.

crust A small client to test REST services.

current Easily consume a Google Plus user's activity feed.

cyrius Fast Rest Application

darius net server and client helpers

dave JSON Hypermedia API Language stream parser for Node.js.

dbcrud Create MySQL-backed REST services in seconds: smart, flexible, automated CRUD and more

debitoor Small request wrapper that makes it easy to work with the API

decms-client DeCMS client

decors a simple, temporary, reusable reverse proxy, with benefits. designed for prototyping js apps by serving static files, live code reloads, and CORS bypassing

destination Easiest API Framework Layer w/ Database agnostic ORM

detour Resource-oriented routing: Route to objects instead of functions for better code-reuse and organization.

diet Diet is a minimal node.js web server framework.

djangorestframework-backbone-utils Django REST framework Backbone utils

dm4client DeepaMehta 4 client

docker-simple-wrapper Simple 50 line wrapper around http.request for docker.

docpad-plugin-inlinegui Adds the Web Write Inline GUI/CMS to your DocPad project

docpad-plugin-rest Adds support for REST to DocPad.

docpad-plugin-restapi Add a REST API to your DocPad project for interacting with DocPad files and documents

doctape Asynchronous calls against the doctape API

dojo-express A Node.js Express based server with support. It is based on dojo/node.

dongle This is a route adapter for REST-like interfaces

dream Node.js JSON rest server

dropbox-node A node.js client module for the official Dropbox API

drupal-client Javascript Drupal Services Client

drupal-services Promise-base NodeJS REST wrapper for Drupal Services 3.x API.

dummy-api Util for making a fake little RESTful resource in express.js.

dyson Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.

dyson-generators Fake data generators for dyson

dyson-image Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson

dyson-lorempixel Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson

easy-folderator An easy way to automatically include and name modules in subdirectories.

easy-routes cakePHP inspired router for connect/express

easyapi Build quick and simple RESTfull APIs using Node.js and connect. Based on resty by Alex Angelini <>

ebay-ready-client node client for resoruce framework 2.0

edgegrid-node A Node.js client, reference implementation and authentication library for EdgeGrid.

edon A middleware for modifying JSON responses from REST APIs.

elibom A node client for rest API

eloqua-request Access Eloqua's public REST API using node.js.

em-rest-service RESTful Service Middleware for ee-webservice

ember-datafied Easy and simple data layer for Ember.js

ember-sass-express-starter Boilerplate for Ember, Sass, Express, MongoDB

embl-ebi-rest EMBL-EBI Web Services REST client

epsom Express skeleton with coffee-script. Configured using mongoose, zurb foundation, emberjs, jquery. rawjs

era REST adapter for express

et effortlessness, et al.

express Sinatra inspired web development framework

express-api-docs Generates an API document from code built with Express

express-contrib Express utilities

express-controllers MVC routing for express

express-controllers-new MVC routing for express

express-couchdb-core A core rest api for a couchdb database

express-crudl Maps routes to CRUDL controllers for restfull routing

express-generator Express' application generator

express-mocker A simple Mockup Server for REST services that can generate fake data based on simple JSON templates.

express-mongoose-resource Express resourceful routing for Mongoose models

express-remote_control A hypermedia-inspired rest api library for express.

express-resource Resourceful routing for express

express-resource-middleware Resourceful routing for express with route middleware support

express-resource-new An enhancement to express-resource

express-resource-plus Provides RESTful routes for resources.

express-resourceful Allows for loading resources from a filesystem structure matching the URI

express-rest-help express-rest-help =================

express-restify-mongoose Easily restify mongoose database

express-restless Resource-based framework for express.

express-server A easy API server based on express

express-slicer An Express middleware that provides the functionality for partial JSON responses based on the query string.

express-unstable Unstable, tracking fork of the real express. Only use if you really, *really* need node 0.7+.

expressmvp MVP framework enforcing post-redirect-get

expressway An MVC Framework for Node.js using Express and EJS

expresto Create RESTful express services with ease.

extremo Another RESTful API requests handler. For express/mongoose based applications. Extended.

facebook-rest Facebook rest api for nodejs.

faculty-api Tool for creating a simple RESTful API from a Mongoose model with Express

fakr 'real mock' webserver with dynamically configured routes (though node or restfull-ish API)

fancierscript Fancier JavaScript

fancyscript Fancy JavaScript

fast-json-patch JSON-Patch allows you to update a JSON document by sending the changes rather than the whole document.

feathers An ultra scalable, feather weight, data oriented framework

feathers-mongoose-service Easily create a Mongoose Service for Featherjs.

fire An opinionated, convention-based Node web framework focused on developer productivity.

fire-web RESTful API and Web Development Expressions for fire.js on top of express.js

firegem-rest A REST API for node.js sitting on top of mongoose. Ideal for use with KendoUI.

fitjs API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Koa and

flair-doc Swagger-compliant REST API documentation generator

flair-ui An express module bundling the swagger-ui

force force.js is a REST API wrapper for,, and

forcifier Node.js module provides utility functions for dealing with fields to make them pretty and easier to work with.

fortune Web framework for prototyping hypermedia APIs.

foxjs A lightweight framework and template for creating a quick maintainable javascript server.

frameworkjs Javascript application framework based on control (

frisby Frisby.js: REST API Endpoint Testing built on Jasmine

froute Simple and powerful routing for node with expressive matching

froute-picker Picking and matching module used by froute.

frst A node.js API client for On Frst Commerce services

gadget Gadget - Snap together HTML5 Applications

gallop Polls REST APIs for changes.

gavel Gavel HTTP validator JavaScript library

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