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gavel Gavel HTTP validator JavaScript library

gcc-rest A node.js module for compiling JavaScript code using Google Closure Compiler's REST API.

geddy Web framework for Node.js

generator-erma An Express-REST-Marionette web application generator for Yeoman.

generator-klei A Yeoman generator for generating awesome module or app boilerplates! MEAN-stack (all parts optional) with scalability in mind and with Grunt and Bower sweetness..

generator-scalatra A Yeoman generator for Scalatra project

genji Writing reusable, modular and flexible node.js applications made easy.

gid Genuine ID Generator

gierschv-openclient An opinionated client for RESTful APIs (particularly OpenStack's).

git-rest-api A library providing a restful Git API mimicking as most as possible the old good git

gitana Cloud CMS Gitana Driver for Node JS

gitpress press your blog with github

gnusocial Twitter Rest API client for node

goinstant-rest Client for GoInstant's REST API

googlerest wrapper around google api

goopilprealpha The super simple API testing framework.

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

grider REST uploader for MongoDB's GridFS

grunt-apidoc Grunt task to generate a RESTful API Documentation with apidoc

grunt-gcc-rest Grunt plugin for compiling code using Google Closure Compiler’s REST API.

gulp-apidoc RESTful web API Documentation Generator

h5.linkformat Implementation of Constrained RESTful Environments (CoRE) Link Format for node.js and the browser.

ha-api HAProxy remote controller

hal-body Parse hal+json body using halson and co-body

halfred parses JSON HAL resources (Hypertext Application Language)

halson The HAL+JSON Resource Object

hapi-ratelimit A rate limiting plugin for HAPI.

hapi-restify Simple framework to implement a REST Api with HAPI 2.1.x (see for Hapi 1.x compatibility).

headrest A restful, CORS enabled development server - for clicking around front end Javascript projects.

heimdall API Guardian for Express

hip-pager-bot Create and customize a HipChat bot that interacts with PagerDuty.

hmmac Easy HMAC connect/express middleware

hopjs A RESTful declarative API framework, with stub generators for Shell, and Android

hopjs-ui UI generation for HopJS defined interfaces

http-cache An extensible caching interface for HTTP traffic.

http-cache-cassandra A Cassandra provider for the extensible HTTP caching library http-cache.

http-emit Emit requests for local node server

http-test-helper A helper for wrapping calls to HTTP APIs during Node/REST API tests.

httpclient HTTPClient interface for browsers and Node.js

httpmock An framework for stubbing out third-party network dependencies

httptest Simply library for testing HTTP servers

hubba-adapter-rest Hubba web service adapter that enables proxying a REST service.

hyperdrive A REST framework

hyperjson-browser A browser for Hyper+json APIs. Works well with <a href=''>Percolator apps</a>

hyperjson-connect connect middleware for hyperjson support

hypermedia Library that allows for the programmatic modeling, encoding, and decoding of hypermedia affordances, and for the programmatic transformation of Hypermedia API (HAPI) DSLs into live HTTP servers.

hyperrest-bin A simple HTTP service with controlled behaviour

icontrol F5 BIG-IP iControl REST API implementation

icy A web framework for node.js, super fast, flexibel, and very simple. This framework is a fusion of the best features of several frameworks.

imperfect-rest-comparison Tools to compare the speed of running REST over HTTP as usual versus over a WebSocket.

impress Impressive Totalitarian-style Multipurpose Application Server for node.js. All decisions are made. Ready for applied development

inspired-server A RESTful entity server

intaglio-rest A REST service built on top of Intaglio

intenthq-nodejs-sdk The Node.js SDK for IntentHQ services.

interfake A simple way to create dummy APIs

ipsumapi A Lorem Ipsum REST API service on steroids.

jab_oauth2_server OAuth2 server for Jab env used with express

jab-oauth2-server OAuth2 server for Jab env used with express

javelin Javascript API View Expression Language

jest JavaScriptational State Transfer. JS restful API layer with Mongoose based resources. Inspired by python Tastypie

jirest CLI for JIRA's REST API

joyentexpress Sinatra inspired web development framework

jquery-nor-rest jQuery REST client plugin for Sendanor REST APIs

jsendp JSend middleware (with JSON-P) for Connect and Express.

json-file-db Very simple file wrapper to GET, PUT and DELETE javascript objects to files

json-rest-api A simple lightweight REST API that receives and responds to JSON HTTP requests, supports all verbs. Very simple.

json-server Serves JSON files through REST routes.

json-status A connect-compatible middleware for status responses on JSON HTTP APIs

json2plain Convert JSON structure to plain text, perfect as a content negotiation fallback in REST APIs

jsonapi Create API scaffolds from JSON documents.

jsonplaceholder A simple fake REST API server for testing and prototyping.

jsonreststores A module to create full Json REST stores in minutes

jswget REST and resumable download client for nodejs

juicebox A Django inspired Node.js Web Framework.

jungles-rest Rest layer of Jungles

kabam-plugin-rest ReST interface for mongoose models of kabam

kale A view templating language for your RESTful APIs.

katana Easy to use, modular web framework for any Node.js samurai.

kickstart Preconfigured Express environment with less and jade rendering. See for usage.

kissmetrics Library for KISSmetrics REST API

koa-hal hal+json middleware for Koa

koa-mongo-rest generate REST API with koa and mongo

koa-resource-router RESTful resource routing for koa.

koa-router-controller Controllers with a Rails-like RESTful interface for koa

kopress-generator Kopress application generator

kvtestdb Simple key-value database with plugable backends for testing/modeling purposes for REST applications The lag function rest() as a standalone module.

lazorse-nesting Flexible nested resource support for Lazorse

lazy-proxy A simple method of adding an HTTP/HTTPS/REST proxy as middleware

lazyBum A simple RESTful web framework for Node.js.

league-node A node.js package for the official League of Legends API

leisure Add hypermedia awareness to your REST services.

level-rest A REST adapter for leveldb

literapi Literate testing for HTTP APIs using markdown

lob Lob API wrapper

loopback-connector-rest Loopback REST Connector

maileron Server that receives SMTP and serves mail up as JSON via HTTP

mailru-api REST API client for node

mammock Mammock is a node.js service mocking framework designed to be quick and easy, allowing developers to fill the "missing gaps" in services during development.

mana mana potion

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