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photopipe Pipe yer photos all over the web and stuff.

pineapple A MVC based, yet arguably liberal RESTful API framework. Includes routing, controllers, models, utilities, and a MongoDB interface.

ppo ppo xhtml tool

purse A permissions level server-side data store with a RESTful API.

rainbow Express router middleware for RESTful API base on certain folder path

rainbowy Express router middleware for RESTful API base on certain folder path

raw Plain HTML templating with connect assets and env support

rebelizer rebelizer

RemoteTestService A remote testing service exposing a RESTful api for querying and running nodeunit tests contained in the service, using http requests

resource-router A connect-compatible resource-orinted router for building RESTful applications

resource-routing Building simple, easy restful routes for nodejs & expressjs, with a viewable routing table

resourced A resource oriented DSL for configuring express.js (REST).

rest-api Fast & lightweight RESTful API framework in Node.js

rest-berry Validation RESTful

rest-easy rest-easy

rest-mount mount routes in RESTful servers

rest-rsmq A RESTful interface for rsmq

rest-status REST Response Status Codes Utility

rest-tree hierarchical RESTful routes utility

restangular Restful Resources service for AngularJS apps

restate Framework for creating REST-based NodeJS applications with ease.

restful-api Build RESTful APIs via Convention.

restful-cache Simple in-memory cache for RESTful requests of express+passport

restful-easy Node Module to leverage RESTful APIs

restful-mongo Add easily RESTful API to use with Mongo

restful-ng-mock Quickly mock up common HTTP service API patterns.

restful-router Simple RESTful url router.

restful-server-express-mongodb This is a configurable restful server based on expressjs and mongodb. It allow you to generate a restful service by simplely write a config file.

restful-wrap restful controllers wrap, only use on connect

restgen A micro framework that helps you quickly build RESTful webservice

restify-by-convention Routes HTTP requests to the appropriate controller and function by convention.

restjs A restful-style web framework written with node language

restler-aaronblohowiak pure-MIT fork of restler.

restler-q Q Wrapper for Restler

restler-when when wrapper for Restler

restlet RESTful web API framework for JavaScript

restly Lightweight, self documenting REST API framework, based on Express

restpress Creating RESTful interface with express

restq Declarative way of getting data from RESTful APIs.

restsugar Validation RESTful

rhapsody HMVC framework for NodeJS

rinuts A service which exposes tests through a RESTful api and allows for querying and running them, using http requests

rinuts-nodeunitDriver A nodeunit driver using rinuts. Enumerates and runs single nodeunit tests

ripple-rest A RESTful API for submitting payments and monitoring accounts on the Ripple Network.

rocker This is a javascript client used to communicate with a Rocker server

rode Packet-Oriented Framework for ES6 and Express.

rrestjs HIgh performance node.js ROA & RESTFUL web framework.

sails-rest REST adapter for Sails.js

saram-core Restful Server Framework

scottyapp-api-client Official node.js API client for Documentation is available at

seemless Works with restify server to create a client side javascript jquery ajax calls. Utilizes jQuery on the client side.

sequelize-sleep RESTful API Helper to bridge the gap between sequelize and express 4

shellyjs Synchonous and Asynchronous API server over HTTP, WebSockets, and TCP

simple-rest A simple REST framework for node build upon express and mongoose.

simple-restful Easily create RESTful API

sin A simple async web framework

siren-resource Resourceful routing with siren+json hypermedia for Express.

slender A thin front end framework for interacting with a RESTful API.

slumber Port of Python's slumber library -- A library that makes consuming a RESTful API easier and more convenient

snsclient Multi-platform SNS client for node

social Multi-platform Social Client for Node

socialmeter Multi-Social Meter json api for Node

sourcery Consume any RESTful API with just a few lines of JavaScript

stackify is just more than promise.

stik-url.js Adds url related functionalities to Stik.js

strapi A quick and dirty api framework. Great for quickly mocking out or prototyping an api.

stringrouter A restful URL parsing and routing component.

suona 一个简单的web api 开发框架

swagger-express Document your express rest api by jsDoc or yaml.

syn synergy framework

synapse An HTTP-based event framework

tabletop-api Create D&D Characters

tachi Node.js MVC framework for seriously rapid application development.

tadicl-p2 Servidor Node capaz de tratar peticiones REST y que implementa uso de cache con tiempo establecido

tapi Tiny RESTful API frameworks bases on express.js

telekom_sdk Telekom developergarden API Client

testful test framework for restful service, just http test

testresources Adds some conventions to superagent to make testing HTTP APIs quicker.

tfe-express Sinatra inspired web development framework

thinkjs thinkphp web framework for nodejs

tinyrest Tiny flexible RESTful HTTP client library

tse create express project with typescript

upnp-mogul node-upnp-mogul ===============

w5grid-rest-node w5grid restful sample

waigo Next-gen web framework for node.js using generators

wants wants nodejs framework core module

webjs Simple and stable development for Node.js

webpoints ExpressJS-based RESTful service development framework

weibo Weibo SDK, base on node. Now support weibo, tqq, tsohu, twitter and github.

weibo2 Weibo SDK with OAuth2, base on node. Now support sina weibo.

xful Building RESTful Service with Mongoose for Node.js

yad Yet another dispatcher. For Express. Supports controllers with asynchronous actions and abstracts response rendering.

yaha-mvc a module that provide auto mvc or mf or restFul api framework

yarm Yet Another REST Middleware for express and mongoose

yhnode nodejs lib

yqlient Simple nodejs connector for Yahoo Query Language (YQL)

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