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babysitter Monitor a connection and automatically reconnect on failure.

backoff Fibonacci and exponential backoffs.

bintail Like tail -f, but binary-safe!

csk-async A simple and powerful async abstraction lib for easily writing Node.js code.

ee-retry Repeat some action in an exponential increased capped interval

exp-backoff Simple asynchronous exponential backoff util for Node.js and CommonJS

failover Failover solution for managing cluster fucks

fallback retry a function with a series of arguments until one works

fertilize retry the same thing, expect different results

graceful-fs A drop-in replacement for fs, making various improvements.

knox-copy Extends the Knox Node Amazon S3 client to support copying and listing buckets

npm-install-missing This module will attempt to reinstall any missing dependencies. It can be called via the command line or used programmatically.

poolee HTTP pool and load balancer

qplus Common & useful patterns with promises (Q)

qretry Promise retry system for Q

re Do it again, after a bit.

request-replay Replays a request when a network error occurs

retry-on-error Retry async operations with custom backoff strategies

s3-write-stream Pipe data straight to an S3 key of your choice

socket-retry-connect Attempt to connect to socket multiple times

superagent-retry A retrying layer for a superagent request

three-times Retry a function call

tolerance This module wraps a function with retry functionality by passing a timeout. So the function will be more tolerant.

trier Because everyone loves a trier! Conditional and repeated task invocation for node and browser.

vows-batch-retry Add on to vows to add addBatchRetry command

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