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component-reverse unicode-aware string reversal

concussionjs-proxy Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy with rate limiting behavior -- built on dotcloud's hipache distributed proxy

country-reverse-geocoding Node.js reverse geocoding for countries & us states

diff-replay Diff implementation with diff application and reversion functions. Save bandwidth by calculating the diff of a document on the client and sending the diff to the server instead of the entire document. The server can construct the new document from the old document by applying the diff.

edon A middleware for modifying JSON responses from REST APIs.

esrever A fully Unicode-aware string reverser written in JavaScript.

express-lane an express routing extension that provides named, resourceful and reversible routes

express-reverse Express helper for generating reverse route URLs.

fastforward Lightweight Reverse Proxy

fez-reverse Reverse input operation for Fez

fs-reverse stream the lines of a file in reverse order!

googlemapsutil utility to use google map easily

haproxy HAProxy management and orchestration module

hipache Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy solution

http-api-proxy A reverse proxy designed for use with rate limited APIs.

http-proxy-glimpse A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js

http-proxy-no-line-184-error A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js, minus that error.

http-proxy-rulz An HTTP proxy fed by JSON rules

http-proxy-selective http proxy also serves static files

httpp-proxy A full-featured httpp reverse proxy for node.js

kiss-proxy A simple easy-to-use spiritual successor of the command-line utility previously provided by node-http-proxy

lag.reverse The lag function reverse() as a standalone module.

linkwisdom mock file for fc

loadfire A clean and simple load balancer

mockfc mock file for fc

negative-array Negative array index support `array[-1]` using ES6 Proxy

node-open-geocoder Client to use the Open Street Map API for geocoding and reverse geocoding

node-shells all the shellz

openproxy Open Proxy for Developers

patron node-http-proxy wrapper

patron-watch patron watch plugin

port-vhoster A simple HTTP vhost reverse proxy / port sharing implementation for node.js. Run multiple node HTTP servers (Domains, IP's) through one port.

proxima An HTTP and TLS (HTTPS) reverse proxy server intended to replace full web servers for proxying Node.js applications.

proxy-gremlin Utility to assist in changing proxied requests.

remote Work on client-side files with a remote API server transparently

repro Reverse Proxy Route Table responsible for routing to targets based on protocol request headers.

reproxy Node.js reverse proxy.

resist A Distributed Reverse Caching Proxy

reverend Merge an express-style path string with data to create a valid path.

reverse match regex routes in reverse

reverse-component unicode-aware string reversal

reversepoint Reverse an object stream

reversible Duplex stream which buffer contents on src stream until it is done, then pipes them back out in reverse order

seafish-http-proxy-meteor A full-featured http reverse proxy use node.js for meteor

simpexp Generate the simplest string that matches a given regular expression.

simple-reverse-proxy A simple reverse-proxy

swap-case Swap the case of a string

tel-carrier Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given phone number

tel-carrier-gateways Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given company name or comment

url4 Reversing routes for Express and browser. Like a Rails or Flask url_for method.

weo-http-proxy A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js

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