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response.require Rex Javascript compiling for root

rex-app Amazingly simple full-team cross-platform deployment of web applications of all shapes and sizes.

rex-exec A small set of functions designed to provide a simple way to execute shell commands and process the output.

rex-git A toolkit built in Node.js that makes it easy to perform git operations recursively on a folder and its subfolders.

rex-mongo A small collection of utilities to simplify development using MongoDB.

rex-redis A small collection of utilities to simplify development in a Redis-powered environment.

rex-shell A lightweight library for Node.js that will help developers display nice, pretty, colored messages in a console window.

rex-template Rex-Template recursively compiles all of the Handlebars templates in a folder into a single file, watching for changes afterward.

rex-utils A collection of tools and utilities designed to make the life of a developer a less stressful one. Quickly back up all your dotfiles and various .conf files on your machine so that you have a safety net just in case.

soundbank-slice Use with soundbank-inherit to slice an audio sample across the desired amount of audio-slots.

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