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automatta A powerful and lightweight library to create, execute and monitor automata in NodeJS and Javascript.

bigblue-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

brickpi-coffeescript BrickPi API implementation in CoffeeScript for JS/CS

browser-serialport Robots in the browser. Just like node-serialport but for browser/chrome apps.

create-oi iRobot Create Open Interface (OI) library

cubelets A package for interacting with Cubelets.

easyrobot Easy to learn and use Node.js based and Rosbridge Suite compatible Robot API.

eco-server A data driven, UDP streamed Arduino robot for the 2014 Robot Challenge in Vienna, Austria.

ev3-nodejs-bt Bt Api for lego ev3 robot

explor Path finding on any graph

flite binding for flite, a tiny text-to-speech synthesizer

hubot-hall-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

hubot-qq QQ adapter for Hubot, and also A dependence robot lives on webQQ

hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

humanlike Emulates human to generates random timeseries of web session activity

huntsman Super configurable async web spider

isrobot a small module that determines based on user-agent if the request came from a robot

mavlink_ardupilotmega_v1.0 Implementation of the MAVLink protocol

pomelo-robot pomelo-robot is a simple tool to benchmark the server's performance.

pomelo-robot-plus pomelo-robot-plus is a fork of 'NetEase pomelo-robot', just add some little feature to enhance the robot.

raspirobot SparkFun's RaspiRobot control for Node.js

robotframework-cheerio Robot Framework keyword library to use with the node.js remote server implementation

robotremote A remote keyword server and client for the generic test automation suite Robot Framework.

robotremoteserver A remote keyword server for the generic test automation Robot Framework.

robotskirt A node wrapper for the awesome C markdown parsing library, sundown.

rogoto-js A javascript library to parse and draw on a canvas the Rogoto commands

roomba Roomba command and control

roslib The standard ROS Javascript Library

rosnodejs A JavaScript client library for ROS.

rover A node.js client for controlling BrookStone Rover 2.0s

sooty Node powered Campfire bot framework

srv-client node client to facilitate TCP communication with an SRV-1 Surveyor robot

twitter_bot Twitter Bot is parent class for your twitter project that needs to iterate followers eternally (see @listwatcher and @unfollowr)

webot An easy-to-use robot for web service.

wechat-mp Wechat open API utilities.

weixin-robot 微信公众平台开放消息接口机器人 A robot for wechat.

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