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circle.landlessness have the ar.drone fly in a circle around an obstacle.

cubelets A package for interacting with Cubelets.

dynanode Node.js library for Dynamixel motors

explor Path finding on any graph

frc node.js support for a variety of frc functionality

node-dweetio A node.js client for

nodesapiens WiringPi based Interface to Robosapiens on Raspberry Pi

ribbons A robotics software development framework for Node.js: sensors, controllers and actuators.

ribbons.actuator Prototype for Ribbons actuators.

ribbons.actuators.flight Ribbons flight actuator.

ribbons.actuators.led LED as a Ribbons actuator.

ribbons.actuators.say-mac Using Mac OSX's say command as a Ribbons actuator.

ribbons.actuators.say.mac Using Mac OSX's say command as a Ribbons actuator. Prototype for Ribbons app.

ribbons.application Prototype for Ribbons applications.

ribbons.component Prototype for Ribbons components.

ribbons.controller Prototype for Ribbons controllers. Prototype for Ribbons doers. Prototype for Ribbons input. Using a mac keyboard as a Ribbons input.

ribbons.logger Prototype for Ribbons logger.

ribbons.out Prototype for Ribbons output.

ribbons.out.flight Ribbons flight output.

ribbons.out.say.mac Using Mac OSX's say command as a Ribbons output. AR.Drone as a Ribbons platform.

ribbons.platforms.arduino Arduino as a Ribbons platform. Lego Mindstorms NXT as a Ribbons platform.

ribbons.platforms.twitter.api Twitter API as a Ribbons platform.

ribbons.sensor Prototype for Ribbons sensors.

ribbons.sensors.keyboard-mac Using a mac keyboard as a Ribbons sensor.

ribbons.sensors.keyboard.mac Using a mac keyboard as a Ribbons sensor.

ribbons.sensors.twitter Using Twitter as a Ribbons sensor.

ribbons.sensors.twitter.mentions Using Twitter mentions as a Ribbons sensor.

rosnodejs A JavaScript client library for ROS.

simspark Node interface to SimSpark, the simulator used for the RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation League

thebluealliance Node.js wrapper for The Blue Alliance v2 API

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