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abyssa A stateful router library for single page applications

accu-mediator A mediator built on accu-router

accu-router A router with specificity-based handler searching

actionrouter RESTful MVC router that dispatches to a controller and action.

agni Command line utility for creating agni-framework applications

agni-framework Simple and intuitive MVC web framework for node.js

ak-router client side router

ampersand-router Clientside router with fallbacks for browsers that don't support pushState. Mostly lifted from Backbone.js.

angular-primus AngularJS service for Primus in Node.js

api-routes A declarative system for creating express API routes.

apiserver-router A fast API router with integrated caching system

app-router Routing for expressjs

apper Convention-based restful app development in node.js

arouter A very simple router

artisan-delegator Connect based routing middleware

attach Add attach functionality to a routable object

autoroute Autorouter for express

avenue File system dervied routes for Node.js and the browser.

baas Node Back-end as a service. A permissions level server-side data store with a RESTful API.

backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.

backbone-extend Customizable Backbone inheritance.

backbone-lodash Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. Adding in some Lo-Dash love.

backbone-mediator Dead simple Mediator for Backbone.

backbone-once One-off events for Backbone.

backbone.middleware Routers are fine, but sometime you need moar.

backbone.queryrouter Trigger routes from multiple routers based on querystring parameters.

backdash backbone js with lodash, ready for browserify

bare The opposite of a framework

bassloader Pronounced "Base Loader". This is a thin utility for loading pages based on url changes with Backbone

beak URL router

beeline A laughably simplistic router for node.js

Birbal Quick, simple routing

bmrest REST framework over express

bmrest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Bmrest library

bouncy route incoming http requests to http servers

brest REST framework over express

brest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Brest library

browser-router A simple router for one page browser apps

browserver-router A platform-agnostic router for HTTP listeners that follow the node.js spec

buildserver configurable build server with integration

camino One-stop routing for server- and client-side web applications

can-route A simple regexp router that runs inside a `http.createServer` handler and returns false when it can’t route a request.

caradoc node js framework

caradoc-entity entity managment for caradoc framework

caradoc-login login service for caradoc framework

caradoc-router router for caradoc framework

caradoc-security security middleware for caradoc framework

caradoc-server server for caradoc framework

caradoc-sql service SQL for caradoc framework

caradoc-user default user for caradoc framework

cardcatalog A routing system for node using pluggable apps.

cartograph Minimal JavaScript router

chine A simple, asynchronous finite-state machine router

chug The caching build system

cirouter A PHP CI like router for node(connect or http)

clutch no-frills web request routing

cmdr command line apps made easy

codekart a Node.js MVC Framework

commander-test testing commander in global installation

conduit A event system for the browser that also runs server side in Node.js.

conduttore A multi-purpose Router

connect-action A simple action system for Connect

connect-journey node-journey middleware for connect. Implement JSON-only HTTP request routing (journey) through connect.

connect-rest Exceptionally featureful RESTful web services middleware for Connect.

connect-route Simple and fast router for Connect

crossroads Flexible router which can be used in multiple environments

crunch A queue crunching router / relay.

ctrl4x Controllers for express.js

dagger Dagger is one half of a minimal API server layer for node.js, with emphasis on minimal.

decors a simple, temporary, reusable reverse proxy, with benefits. designed for prototyping js apps by serving static files, live code reloads, and CORS bypassing

deflector A lightweight HTTP router that provides an API that is similar to Express.

delta Zero dependency routing for the browser and Node.js.

detour Resource-oriented routing: Route to objects instead of functions for better code-reuse and organization.

diamonator Simple router

diet Diet is a minimal node.js web server framework.

directify Easier use of Director.js with Browserify, plus some added features.

director A client Side/Server Side Router

diso.router Simple router that augments request object with params, using RoutePattern for named param matching.

dockmaster Vhost middleware router for Distribute that uses Seaport to intelligently route requests

docparse-router router for the docparse project

docrouter Documented Connect/Express Router. Send OPTIONS to see what kind of operations a Connect/Express server supports.

domainiac A very simple and user friendly domain -> directory router.

domy-router PushState URL driven DOM element swapping

dotmvc A tiny, sensible, client-side MVC framework in modern Javascript.

drapper Very minimal but opinionated director wrapper

drouter A node.js directory-driven router for connect/express

drugged extendable HTTP router with domain integration

easy-folderator An easy way to automatically include and name modules in subdirectories.

edmond Simple JavaScript router for web applications.

enter Event trigger router, like hash route

epsom Express skeleton with coffee-script. Configured using mongoose, zurb foundation, emberjs, jquery. rawjs

era REST adapter for express

escaperoute A node.js router that implements reverse matching

eventi Powerful application events and event handling, made easy.

eventyoshi Allows several event emitters to be listened and emitted through a single one.

exctrl Flexible controllers for express.js apps

express Sinatra inspired web development framework

express-dry-router Express router for people who hate repeating themselves

express-dynamic-router provide dynamic routing system for express

express-fbauth super simple fb auth module built to expect mongodb like api's with a persistant session much like passport

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