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abyssa A stateful router library for single page applications

areas Areas - express routing for large projects

avenue File system dervied routes for Node.js and the browser.

bloknot Tout ce qu'il faut pour Nodejs !

branched Hierarchical RESTful routes utility

chi dependency injected routing with express

controllers-js Simple MVC-style controllers for Express.js

crossroads Flexible router which can be used in multiple environments

diso.router Simple router that augments request object with params, using RoutePattern for named param matching.

easy-route a simple router for express.js

easymock Easy to use mock server that supports templates and routes.

edmond Simple JavaScript router for web applications.

express-annotations Module to augment Express routes with metadata

express-courier let you route your application based on folder structure for express

express-declarative-routing Declarative Routing for Express.js

express-di Bring the dependency injection pattern to the Express

express-group-middleware Express.js group middleware

express-json-routes Simple Routes for Express using JSON

express-logical-routes A way of adding logic to your routes in a declarative way

express-map Exposes server route configuration with the client side via JavaScript

express-mvc-routes Simple binding controllers to routes

express-named-router Don't use URL literals in your applications. Express Named Router is a wrapper for Express JS routes definition which allows named routing.

express-path Easy route mapping for Express

express-play-routes Play! framework inspired routes for Express.js applications

express-recorder Records your middleware and gives you a result you can assert

express-route-controller A helper function to assign controller actions to routes in express

express-route-printer Print a neat, colorized listing of registered ExpressJS routes

express-route-stats keep stats on route usage in express.js

express-route-tree Resetful routing for express with lightly and structured.

express-routes Route helper for Express

express-routes-map This modules add function that allow to easy creates nested routes in express

express-sextant Find out what routes your express app supports

express-slash Express middleware for people who are anal about trailing slashes.

expressive-routes Transform hierarchically structured routes into express routes.

fdongles-middleware-matches A ForkingDongles middleware for message matching using the 'routes' module

grand-central-junction A simple, lightweight router for Node and Express

guide Another path router.

hapi-named-routes Hapi plugin to add named routes to your view templates

hapi-resourceful Resourceful route generation for hapi

hapi-resourceful-routes Resourceful route generation for hapi

koa-route Koa route middleware

koalesce simple route and middleware manager for koa

match-route Match a request against a object of routes

named-routes HTTP request router with named reversable routes

navigate A router for the browser (client-side JavaScript)

node-controller A lightweight, single-file Controller approach for node/express.

node-resources A helper to register routes from modules on restify and ExpressJS. Improves separation of concerns and propose a different code organization on your application. A helper to manage easyless routes in node.js+express.js projects.

nor-acl ACL routes

nor-routes-json Library to manage routes configuration file

obedient Minimal http framework with the nothing but middleware.

onm-server-rest-routes Data-model-independent Express routes for exposing Object Namespace Manager (onm) data store instances(s) from a Node.js process.

path-finder Named routes for Express.

ramrod the router you'd write if you were writing a router

regex-router Route http(s) requests via regular expressions

render-routes Give it a routes object and it spits out html that you can load into your browser.

resource-routing Building simple, easy restful routes for nodejs & expressjs, with a viewable routing table

rest-mount mount routes in RESTful servers

rest-tree hierarchical RESTful routes utility

reverse match regex routes in reverse

route Simple routing library

route-by-feature Conventional routes that live with your features

route-registrar Visits and requires every file ending with "Controller.js" and call its "init" function passing express "app" variable along

route-registry Express route registry.

route-table Put your routes in its own file and use route-table to parses it.

route-tester Tests the the correct routes and methods are available on a route object. Also ensures no additionals

route66 Routing functionality/middleware for Connect 2.0

routes-http Simple but powerful HTTP request router

runways robust explicit routing for connect

ruze ruze =======

service-routes A special route service syntax parsing module, for node.

shack Express wrapper with routing and controllers.

simple-api A Node.js API Scaffolding Library

susanin Router system which can be used in any JavaScript environments

url4 Reversing routes for Express and browser. Like a Rails or Flask url_for method.

urlmap Named routing library

wayward Minimal http framework with the basics.

wirexroutes A helper to organise the your express routes chains middlewares

youmeb-routes A simple routing module for express.js.

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