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66 Simple client-side router.

abyssa A stateful router library for single page applications

APIConnect A simplified Javascript interface for working with APIs.

app-router Routing for expressjs

app-routes Convention based routes with before action/filter for express.js

arrjs HTTP and WebSocket application request routing

babelweb Web-based monitoring tool for the Babel routing protocol

beak URL router

Birbal Quick, simple routing

branched Hierarchical RESTful routes utility

camino One-stop routing for server- and client-side web applications

cheswick JSON APIs made simple

chi dependency injected routing with express

client-router Single page app router.

clutch no-frills web request routing

connect-action A simple action system for Connect

connect-pushstate Connect middleware that rewrites select requests to the site/custom root, thus allowing your pushstate router to handle them

cootie A simple multi-application manager for VPSs.

cozy-routing Tool to manage cozy routing

crazy An almost-web-framework. Use more Nginx!

crossroads Flexible router which can be used in multiple environments

Davis Simple, degradable JavaScript routing using HTML5 pushState.

destination Easiest API Framework Layer w/ Database agnostic ORM

deviate Redirecting middlware for express or node.js

diet Diet is a minimal node.js web server framework.

direct DOM-based routing/execution script

diso.router Simple router that augments request object with params, using RoutePattern for named param matching.

dispatch-router Powerful routing.

earls Tiny library to create a url map

ert Express routing templates provides a simple micro-templating syntax for building strings from a template and a `request` object.

escort Routing and URL generation middleware

express-autoroute Automatically load routes from a structured routes/ folder

express-autoroute-json Express Auto Route Json is an automatic JSON 'REST' api builder for express-autoroute

express-conventional-routing Mixture of conventional and attribute style routing for Express Web framework

express-ctrl A light wrapper, providing a controller-like interface to Express routing

express-declarative-routing Declarative Routing for Express.js

express-enrouten An express route initialization and configuration module.

express-path Easy route mapping for Express

express-reverse Express helper for generating reverse route URLs.

express-route-controller A helper function to assign controller actions to routes in express

express-route-dispatcher Route dispatcher for Express

express-routing-loader Loader for Express web server router

express-slash Express middleware for people who are anal about trailing slashes.

express-way Express auto routing and jade precompiling

expressive-routes Transform hierarchically structured routes into express routes.

fakr 'real mock' webserver with dynamically configured routes (though node or restfull-ish API)

fedach Parse FedACH Directory File Format

fendjs-route Fundamental of router for Fend.js

fendjs-router Router for Fend.js

fendjs-router-client Fendjs router for client

fendjs-router-server Fend.js router for server

flask-router Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.

flask-router-plus Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.

froute Simple and powerful routing for node with expressive matching

froute-picker Picking and matching module used by froute.

gammarouter Routes incoming requests to aplications running in less privileged ports. Can be configured during runtime via its REST api. Check also the package gammarouter-api for a nodejs client and a CLI tool

grunt-connect-pushstate A grunt plugin that provides connect middleware to rewrite requests allowing for pushstate routing

hapi-resourceful Resourceful route generation for hapi

hapi-resourceful-routes Resourceful route generation for hapi

hermes-conrad simple pushstate based client routing

houkou Teeny tiny router for node and the browser

houkou-tweak Teeny tiny router for node and the browser. Tweaked by Tristan for sinister purposes.

http-routes-layer layer-cake plugin to use a routes file and well-defined controller structure

hydrajs-router-plugin Hydra.js plugin to execute the specified callback when the url changes.

impress Impressive Totalitarian-style Multipurpose Application Server for node.js. All decisions are made. Ready for applied development

inmedia Abstracted Connect-like middleware and routing component.

iproute Show and manipulate network devices, addresses, routing, policy routing and tunnels.

jsymfony-routing JSymfony routing component

koa-path path-matching middleware for koa

koa-routing Routing middleware for Koa

koalesce simple route and middleware manager for koa

kontroller Just controller

leaflet-routing-machine Routing for Leaflet

luigi Quick and easy class for defining your plumbing with for HTTP and Socket IO.

m6 A simple routing module for node.js

madeleine A functional reactive server library for Node.js that allows you to have your cake, and eat it too!

mapleTree Simple routing library for node.js

mario-mario Quick and easy class for defining your plumbing with and for RESTful and Web Sockets programming.

mcl Simple script to help load controllers and models dynamically

michi Simple URL router

miniproxy Run a proxy that routes your different projects using their package.json files

mio-express Expose Mio models via RESTful resource middleware.

mio-resource Expose Mio models via RESTful resource middleware.

modella-resource Expose Modella models via RESTful resource middleware.

murl murl is fast url pattern matching and replacing

named-actions Map up names to connect style handlers

navigate A router for the browser (client-side JavaScript)

njet-routing njet-routing - router for any http server

njet-routing-swig Swig extension for njet-routing providing url generator from njet router

node-restrouter Simple ExpressJS helper for creating REST interface for Mongoose models

noflo-routers Routing Packets in NoFlo

noflo-woute Routing web requests based on the request's URL

osrm open source routing machine

param2doc Express middleware to automatically map routing parameters onto Mongoose documents

path-finder Named routes for Express.

path-match wrapper around path-to-regexp for easy route parameters

pathbuilder Easily modify parameters in paths.

pathjs Routing library for 'single page' applications

pathr Route uris based off params

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