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amqp-rpc AMQP RPC driver for node.js

angoose Angoose is a Remote Method Invocation module that comes with built-in mongoose/angular support. Now you can call server side module in browser just like you're in the server side!

ArcusNode A RTMFP Rendevouz Server For Peer Assisted Networking With Adobe Flash

arduinode Framework to connect the Arduino and node.js.

atomize-client Client library for AtomizeJS: JavaScript DSTM

atomize-server Node server library for AtomizeJS: JavaScript DSTM

autobahn An implementation of The Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP).

axon High-level messaging & socket patterns implemented in pure js

axon-rpc RPC for axon

Backbone.Rpc Plugin for using backbone js with json-rpc instead of the native REST implementation

barrister Client and server bindings for Barrister RPC

bazaar A publish-subscribe (broadcast-listen) layer for same-origin inter-window communication

bellhop Pubsub and RPC streams for node.js

betta-rpc a lightweight RPC build on top of redis queues

beyo-plugin-services Service plugin for beyo applications using Primus.

bitcoin Communicate with bitcoind via JSON-RPC

blackbox Put data in; take data out; same data across child processes or networks with dnode.

brokr Websocket RPC+PUB/SUB library

cloudpt cloudPT API with multiple sessions support

coind-client JSON-RPC client for crypto-currency bitcoind-based daemons. Adheres to Node.js/JavaScript callback/control-flow conventions/style.

dbus-native D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript

dbus-promised D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript, promises fork

dnode freestyle rpc

dnode-ez dnode made even easier!

dnode-object Wrap the methods of an object in an api object that you can use with dnode

dnode-tarantula asynchronous rpc system for node.js, bi-direction and poly-direction communication...

eiomethods Remote method exports and invocation with

entangle Distributed JavaScript objects using Object.observe() with pluggable drivers

eureca Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of sockjs Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of

expose.js Simple bi-directional (Browser)Client-Server JavaScript RPC framework

express-json-rpc JSON-RPC for Express.

extdirect Ext.Direct connector for Sencha Touch/ExtJs

fast-rpc Aims to be the fastest RPC implemenation that can both run in the web browser and on the server using node.js. Supports authorization and streaming callbacks.

fling JSON Fling is a simple JSON-RPC framework for NodeJS with built-in permissions and support for different transports.

flume-rpc flume RPC sink and source for node.js; allows a node.js process to interoperate with Apache flume via its RPC mechanism

gbxremote A pure JavaScript GBXRemote client.

hessian-proxy hessian proxy to make rpc calls for javascript

hessian.js Hessian Serialization written by pure JavaScript, support all kind of types in Java.

http-callback Create unique http endpoints for remote callbacks.

http-runner A simple HTTP-based remote job runner.

impress Impressive Totalitarian-style Multipurpose Application Server for node.js. All decisions are made. Ready for applied development

inwx INWX XML-RPC API Client

iowamp WAMP™ server in NodeJS

jayson JSON-RPC 2.0 compliant server and client

jisson-rpc JSON-RPC server object oriented

jrpc-schema Parses a json schema into a simple usable api object

jrpc-server jrpc-server is the server side of the jrpc framework.

jsa json synchronization service

json-rpc A simple and lightweight NodeJs JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation including object wrapping.

json-rpc-server Simple implementation of JSON-RPC 2.0 server-side protocol with middleware support. Needs HTTP or any another server to communicate with clients.

json-rpc2 JSON-RPC 2.0 server and client library, with HTTP, TCP and Websocket endpoints

jsonbuf A component for encoding & decoding JSON to binary.

jsonrpc-tcp JSON-RPC over TCP for Node.js.

jsonrpc-ws A json rpc library over web sockets.

jsonrpc2 JSON-RPC server and client library

jsonrpclib json rpc server 2.0 library

kws-rpc-builder RPC library for browser and Node.js

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others.

level-rpc Super fast rpc mechanism for LevelUp

litecoin Communicate with litecoind via JSON-RPC

mar MAR - Message & Reply, is a RPC library based on message exchange.

message-center A common event based message center that can handle invoke/event

miner-rpc CGMiner and BFGMiner RPC client

minirpc Simple RPC. Call node functions from the browser.

moonridge Bring your Mongoose models straight into angular web app with live Query support, all thanks to the magic of

mqtt-rpc This module provides an rpc interface for MQTT.

mrpc Simple, fast and efficient RPC.

mschema-rpc Minimalistic Remote Procedural Call library using mschema validation for remote method's input and output.

msg-rpc Bidirectional rpc support over simple message interface

msgpack-rpcjs A pure JS implementation of the msgpack rpc

multi-watcher Multi-watcher is a inter-process node.js module to manage multiple file watchers.

multilevel Expose a leveldb over the network.

multilevel-dev Expose a leveldb over the network.

multilevel-http Access a leveldb instance from multiple processes via HTTP

multilevel-serve Use level-serve over multilevel

multileveled Expose a leveled db over the network

myrpc-runtime MyRPC JavaScript runtime for Node.js

namecoin Communicate with namecoind via JSON-RPC

nerves Real time Backbone.js + Node.js (restful with ACL support)

ngn-axon-rpc RPC for axon. Modified for NGN.

ngn-idk-rpc The RPC IDK for NGN.

node_rpc a simple rpc library between node.js and browser.

node-baidu-ping ping to

node-fork-rpc Module to allow RPC between parent and child processes.

node-jest Node.js enhanced JSON-RPC library

node-jet The JSON Bus. Daemon and Peer implementation.

node-json-rpc Flexible client, server objects for json-rpc communications

node-litecoin Communicate with litecoind via JSON-RPC

node-peercoin Communicate with peercoind via JSON-RPC

node-rpc Simple ExpresJS middleware for RPC over Http.

nodejs-light_rpc Simple RPC server/client based on NodeJS native 'net' lib sockets.

nodeQuery DOM manipulation from the server.

noderpc A framework for building distributed services with NodeJS

norris Namespace Oriented REST and RPC Integrated Stack

NORRIS Namespace Oriented REST and RPC Integrated Stack

nox Nox - write Node.js web apps faster

nydus WebSocket server using the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.

nydus-client WebSocket client library for the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.

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