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alphas-infinity Text based MMO RPG.

bufftracker Track and calculate so-called 'buffs' in Pathfinder (and other 3.5 games)

diceserv A dice-rolling web service for RPGs

droll A dice rolling library that uses standard dice notation

hackers A MUD server for a role-playing game in a futurist world

lefnire lefnire.js implements lefnire in Node.js. It builds upon the current genetic code version.

nodebb-plugin-rps-battle-rpg A simple combat and levelling up system for NodeBB.

owlbear A simple dice notation parser.

roll node.js package for rolling dice and adding modifiers. ex: 2d6+1

rpgdice Simple eventful dice for rpg or any dicegame

rpglevel A npm package for managing "Level" with "Exp" that is used by like RPG.

standardice Standard RPG dice rolling

WoD-Dice White-Wolf's Storytelling dice roller.

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