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rtc Cross-browser WebRTC helpers

rtc-bufferedchannel Wraps a core browser RTCDataChannel with a buffering layer to ensure data channel send limits are observed

rtc-captureconfig Simple string definition -> WebRTC constraints

rtc-dcstream Streams interface for the WebRTC data channel

rtc-filter-grayscale Grayscale video processing filter for rtc-videoproc

rtc-glue A simple library for writing WebRTC applications an in HTML-centric way

rtc-janus Node and browserify compatible integration layer for the Janus WebRTC gateway

rtc-media A simple getUserMedia wrapper

rtc-mesh A synchronized, distributed P2P mesh data structure using WebRTC data channels

rtc-negotiator Node streams compatible peer connection negotiator

rtc-quickconnect Create a WebRTC connection in record time

rtc-sdp utility module for patching (munging) SDP

rtc-sharedcursor WebRTC P2P Shared Cursor Implementation via Data Channels (requires rtc-quickconnect)

rtc-signaller transportless signalling for WebRTC

rtc-signaller-ws WebRTC signalling using pure websockets for peer handshaking

rtc-switchboard Signalling for rtc-io components using primus

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