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argf Ruby's ARGF object for Node.

backbone.module Rubyish include and extend for Backbone

broccoli-ruby-sass Broccoli plugin that compiles Sass using the Ruby-based compiler

classroom A Ruby-like implementation for ES5

cookie-derail Decode Ruby on Rails' cookies, without monkey patching in serializing to JSON

dirtyjs do questionable things to the native js objects

fire-ts A template engine for generating code (c,c++,js,java,html,ruby,etc)

gem-count Fetch a user's gem count from Rubygems

generator-angular-sinatra A Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Sinatra

grunt-listen Bridge between Grunt and Listen gem.

grunt-rcukes Grunt plugin for running ruby cucumber.

gulp-jekyll Compile Jekyll sites with Gulp.

gulp-ruby-haml Compile Haml to HTML with Ruby Haml

gulp-ruby-sass Compile Sass to CSS with Ruby Sass

jscpd Copy/paste detector for programming code, support JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Less languages

marsha Parser/serializer for Ruby's marshal format

mruby mruby for node.js

opal CoffeeScript was so cool

pook An elegant & expressive mvc framework for node

puts Puts for Node! Pretty prints object into console

ranged The missing JavaScript range function

rest-tagging A REST interface for redis-tagging

rubish Very silly module with some useful shorthands inspired by Ruby

ruby-enumerator Library can use ruby Enumerator and Enumerable methods in javascript.

ruby-methods Use Ruby methods in JavaScript

rundown RDoc parser for Javacript.

ruscript Ruby interpreter in JavaScript

strider-ruby Ruby support for Strider Continuous Deployment

StringScanner StringScanner performs lexical scanning operations on a string.

uupaa.ruby.js Extend Ruby functions.

wombat Puppet in javascript, because Ruby. Yes I am that guy.

word-array Similar to Ruby's %w. Create word arrays.

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