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broccoli-esformatter JavaScript code formatter for Broccoli with esformatter

camel_case ESLint rule for enforcing camelCame names but allowing _ in property names

cinovo-logtest Logtest for Node.js with multiple storage engines for distributed log testing.

coffeelint-min-colon-spacing Validate a minimum spacing left and right of a colon assignment

coffeelint-newline-after-function Validate a newline policy after function definitiions

coffeelint-newline-at-eof Validate a newline policy at the end of each file

coffeelint-use-strict A CoffeeLint rule that enforces usage of strict mode

css-controls Cross-browser stylesheet creation and css rule creation/deletion (includes IE6 support)

iproute Show and manipulate network devices, addresses, routing, policy routing and tunnels.

jsunify A javascript unifying rule engine similar to prolog

linewrap Word wrapping with HTML, ANSI color code, indentation and paragraphing support.

mongules Mongoose DRY model validator

node-validation A small validation library for Node.js

robocop.js Define and validate rules, datatypes and schemata in Node and in the browser.

rule-validator Rule-validator is a javascript module based on amanda. And works for node.js and in the browser. It can be very useful if you work with (d)ddd, cqrs, eventsourcing, domain, commands and events, etc.

rulezb A Business Rule Engine for rule them all

wordwrap Wrap those words. Show them at what columns to start and stop.

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