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agenda Light weight job scheduler for Node.js

antr Asynchronous Node Test Runner

assert-runner runs tests based on node's built in assert

bem-cli bem runner

benchrunner Benchmark Suite Runner for benchmark.js

brofist-cli Command line runner for Brofist.

byron English for machines

cmds A simple command runner

conjure Parallel CasperJS runner, BDD flow, module-based tests, API helpers

crun Generates JavaScript functions mapped to system commands

difftest-runner A simple utility to assist in the exeuction of diff based tests.

docparse-scraper-runner manage running docparse scraper jobs on a schedule

dpkg-squirrel Run a pipeline of analytics descibed as metadata of a datapackage, give them some inputs and package the outputs adding resources to the data package.

gcr A node gitlab-ci-runner

gen-run Generator Async Runner. Makes it possible to yield and wait for callbacks and thunks.

generator-barista Yeoman generator for Barista

generator-buster generator-buster ================

generator-gruntfile A gruntfile generator for Yeoman

generator-karma Yeoman generator for Karma

generator-karma-require Yeoman generator for Karma using RequireJS

generator-karma-static Karma, with a static folder

generator-testacular Yeoman generator for Testacular

grun Utility for executing grunt tasks.

grunt-karma grunt plugin for karma test runner

grunt-karma-0.9.1 grunt plugin for karma test runner

grunt-mocha-spawn run mocha tests in grunt using a node sub-process so async assertion failures won't crash grunt

grunt-runner Extend convenience for executing grunt tasks, available without CLI.

grunt-supervisor Run supervisor as a grunt task for easy configuration and integration with the rest of your workflow.

grunt-thrill Test your web application on many browsers.

grunt-vows-runner An alternative test-runner for vows using grunt. Adds new capabilities such as running test suites concurrently.

gulp-jasmine Run Jasmine tests

gulp-mocha Run Mocha tests

gulp-mocha-co Run Mocha tests with co generators

gulp-mocha-phantomjs run client-side Mocha tests with PhantomJS

gulp-nodeunit-runner A nodeunit test runner plugin for Gulp

gulp-supervisor Run supervisor as a gulp task for easy integration with the rest of your workflow.

jetrunner Yo, I heard you like unit tests, bro! JetRunner is the illest name in unit testing!

joe Joe is a JavaScript testing framework that actually works. Unlike Mocha, we won't die on you abruptly when executing dynamically created tests and are always able to associate the correct test to the correct corresponding test suite. Switching from Mocha is trivial and only takes a few minutes.

jquery.runner A simple runner/stopwatch jQuery plugin for counting time up and down.

jr A job runner with support for asynchrony and dependencies.

karma Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.

karma-cli The Karma command line interface.

karma-environments Run multiple test suites in one karma process.

luvit-test The Lua test runner from Luvit, in a modular package

minecraft-runner A node module meant to manage a minecraft server instance

mjsunit.runner Command line mjsunit runner which provides an easy way to hook into mjsunit and start running tests immediately..

mobilerunner Mobile runner is a command line tool that helps you run your web application on multiple devices including, Android, iOS, and PC browsers. This tool is very useful when combined with mobile web automation frameworks like [catjs](

mocaccino Mocha test runner as a Browserify plugin

mocha-phantomjs PhantomJS Runners for Mocha

mocha-server Serves up your mocha tests in web-pages so you can test them in browser.

node-trace Add custom instrumentation to all or some of your code

npm-script NPM run-script spawning options generator

ntr Node task runner.

opere runs things

pagerun WebPage runner

phpunit-testrunner Test Runner for PHPUnit.

process-boss A node process manager that isn't spanners all the way down

queen A platform for running scripts on many browsers

queen-monitor-plugin A monitoring endpoint for queen

queen-populator-plugin Adds populator support to queen

queen-remote Rule browsers remotely, remotely

quiz Another simple test framework.

robobuster A very simple test runner. See README for example usage.

rocksteady Drink blazin' electric death, downtime! Fast, zero-downtime apps for production enviroments.

run-qunit Run QUnit in the browser and get the results reported back in Node

selenium-runner Run a [{url+JSTest}, ..] combo in selenium grid, in parallel, in multiple browsers

sl Script Loader

spurt A function to iterate over items with asynchronous calls synchronously.

srun define atomic steps, then build scripts with them. a global context object between steps is included for you!

startup Node.js HTTP app runner

stevejobs Simplistic in-memory job/worker manager with rate limiting and custom worker counts

strong-cluster-control run-time managment of a node cluster

strong-supervisor supervisor and monitor for node.js applications

tad JavaScript test suite

tape-run Headless tape test runner

tapr Tapper (tapr) is a node.js tap test runner which allows stdout and stderr mixed in with the tap output and also presents assert output in a more abbreviated fashion. Tapper also optionally adds color to the output. Core based on Isaac Z Schlueter original tap runner. Because of Isaac's modular design Tapr/Tapper customizes the runner but uses all the original tap components.

task-picker Choose async tasks based on logic defined in config file.

task-runner Simple task runner for JavaScript

testacular This project has been renamed to Karma.

testister Modefied PhantomJS Runners for Mocha

thrill Exciting testing

totoro-queen-remote Rule browsers remotely, remotely

totoro-thrill Exciting testing

tub Lax streaming tap parser

turbo-test-runner Turbo the node.js Test Runner

usain A simple task runner tool. Named after the best runner in the world, Usain Bolt.

wd-tap-runner Automate TAP browser unit tests with WebDriver

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