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mongoose-attachments Mongoose.js Attachments plugin. Supports ImageMagick styles

mongoose-attachments-aws2js S3 Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments backed by Amazon Web Services node.js module

mongoose-attachments-knox S3 Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments backed by Knox

mongoose-attachments-localfs Simple File System Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments

mongoose-crate Attach files to MongoDB models via Mongoose.js

mongoose-crate-s3 mongoose-crate StorageProvider that uploads files to Amazon S3

multiparty multipart/form-data parser which supports streaming

netdna NetDNA API wrapper and CLI for node.js.

node-qiniu Qiniu Resource Storage SDK for Node.js

node-riakcs npm package for NodeJS to talk to riakCS

node-s3 A simple Amazon S3 node.js integration

node-s3ma Automatic local file backup to two of S3 buckets.

nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads A plugin for NodeBB to take file uploads and store them on S3

noxmox Amazon S3 client and mock-up

nsync sync your directories

panbhag-alleup Flexible way to resize and upload images to Amazon S3 or file system storages

papercut Papercut is a node package to handle image upload, resize and sync with Amazon s3

peechee A configurable file saver and getter

plata A client interface to various AWS services.

plumber-s3 AWS S3 operations for Plumber pipelines

poole Easily push a Jekyll based static site to an AWS S3 bucket

pushup copy files to S3

qiniu Node wrapper for Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage API

qnz Node wrapper for Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage API

recordio-s3 A node-task RecordIO interface for Amazon S3.

redactor-s3-url-signer Node module to create S3 signed URLs for Redactor

rude Distributed Asset Management that Integrates with Git

s3 high level amazon s3 client using knox as a backend

s3-component S3 client upload library

s3-component-2 S3 client upload library

s3-deleter A writable stream that deletes files from S3 via knox

s3-eventstore Store events in AWS S3

s3-key-value-store s3-key-value-store ==================

s3-log-parser Parse s3 logs

s3-parallel-get Get files from s3, in parallel

s3-policy S3 policy generation for client-side uploads

s3-pusher Publish assets to Amazon's S3 service via CLI

s3-store Simple Data Storage (SDS) using S3

s3-streaming-upload Streaming upload to S3

s3-sync A streaming upload tool for Amazon S3

s3-transcode AWS transcoder client

s3-upload Allows you to upload static files to S3 buckets.

s3-upload-stream Writeable stream for uploading to S3 via the multipart API.

s3-utils This is a helper utility library for AWS S3, the main purpose of this library is to generate a URL pair, and to delete media.

s3-wrapper A simple API for putting and getting private plain text files to and from S3 using AWS2JS

s3-write-stream Pipe data straight to an S3 key of your choice

s3cli S3 client and S3 Command Line Interface

s3client Amazon S3 client

s3cors Direct CORS uploads to S3.

s3deploy Publish an entire directory to an S3 bucket with one command.

s3foo push your website to s3 with a single command.

s3front Command-line tool to upload a directory to an AWS S3 bucket and optionally invalidate the associated AWS CloudFront distribution.

s3ify Writable stream which takes paths and uploads them to S3

s3img s3img is an Amazon S3 Image Processing and Uploading Tool

s3list Lists files in an S3 bucket as a stream

s3logparser parses access logs from s3 and pipes them into readable json format for developers

s3ls Readable stream of object keys in a S3 bucket

s3npm publish packages to your own s3 bucket, install an resolve nested private or public deps without replacing or hacking npm

s3policy S3 Upload/Download Policy Generator for Node.js

s3policy-acl S3 Upload/Download Policy Generator for Node.js

s3signer Transform stream which reads S3 object keys and writes presigned S3 urls

s3store convenient storage of objects and files in S3

s3sync Update S3 buckets from git commit diffs (rsync style).

s3tools Tools for managing your S3 buckets and objects.

s3tree Hierarchical object listing on S3

s3upload An opinionated application to upload a folder to a s3 bucket.

s3uploader Upload files to s3 with exponential backoff

s3url a 's3url' command for generating s3 signed urls

s3utils A simple client and utils for Amazon S3

s4 super simple storage solution: aws s3 client

sails-s3 s3 adapter for sails/waterline

ss-to-s3 Screenshot to S3

storageqloud-node API library for GreenQloud's S3 solution StorageQloud

sunny Multi-cloud datastore client.

tailor.js tailor.js help you process images, includine resize, crop.. using graphicsMagick, and upload to s3

turntable A node.js package to put a Google Spreadsheet onto an Amazon S3 server, plus some other niceties.

unzip-to-s3 Unzip files directly Amazon S3 using streams.

uploadfs Store files in a web-accessible location via a simplified API. Can automatically scale and rotate images. Includes both S3-based and local filesystem-based backends with the most convenient features of each. Alternate backends for both storage and image m

webc compile and test your jade/coffeescript/less webapps

webmaker-download-locales Download translation files from S3 bucket

winston-s3 S3 transport for Winston

zero-s3 zmq+http to s3 upload

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