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css-safe Make strings safe for CSS.

downsize Tag-safe truncation for HTML and XML. Works by word!

elipsis a web based vault for your passwords.

es-safe-ie Transforms unsafe code to safe code for <IE9

exec-queue Safely run exec in a loop.

filesaver Stores files in folders easily

filterhtml FilterHTML: A whitelisting HTML filter for Python and JavaScript

hash Safely use a JavaScript object as hash

htmlid create html friendly ids

is-integer Test if something is an integer (ES6 Polyfill)

jasonkuhrt-get Safely, succinctly, access hash data

json-stringify-safe Like JSON.stringify, but doesn't blow up on circular refs KeePass database reader in NodeJS

maskurl hide user password in a url for safe console and log output

mongoose-history Keeps a history of all changes of a document.

notevil Evalulate javascript like the built-in eval() method but safely

once-later A simple wrapper around callbacks to make them fire both once and later.

pg-builder PostgreSQL query builder

redefine A lightweight utility for ES6 like classes and an easier ES5 aware object properties definition introducing new, performance oriented, patterns.

safe_datejs A safe(node.js VM isolated) wrapper around library. Safe to be used with mongoose

safe-access A utility to allow for safe accessing of nested properties

safe-browse A Node.js module to verify whether a URL is a malware or phishing website, using Google Safe Browsing API

safe-regex detect possibly catastrophic, exponential-time regular expressions

safejson Safely parse and stringify JSON using node style callbacks.

safesocket Wraps event handlers to prevent crashes from certain malicious inputs.

shinypath Extract a part of an object according to a usual JavaScript expression like "['baz'][3]" in a safe, easy and fast way

signobj Sign and validate JSON objects!

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