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anchor Recursive validation library with support for objects and lists

barnacle Simplified query interface for sails/waterline console

booty-cache Dead sexy URL caching utility for Express/Connect

captains-log Simple wrapper around Winston to allow for declarative configuaration

file-parser Bodyparser for Express/Sails. Exposes simple API for streaming multiple files to disk, S3, etc. without buffering to a .tmp directory.

generator-sails A Yeoman sails generator largley copied from generator-webapp

generator-sails-angular A SailsJS / AngularJS generator for Yeoman

generator-sm Quickly generate a Sails backend and Marionette frontend.

ground A framework work with sails and backbone.

istim-user-utils Some utils for istim-user api

mast Convention-over-configuration framework for Backbone.js

montmanu-sails-mongo Mongo DB adapter for Sails.js

node-switchback Normalize callback fns to switchbacks and vice versa

nunjs Nunjucks wrapper, adds Jinja2 engine for Sails/Express in a simplest way.

sails API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Express and

sails-adapter-boilerplate Boilerplate adapter for Sails / Waterline

sails-dirty sails adapter for felixge's node-dirty

sails-disk Persistent non-production adapter for Sails.js / Waterline

sails-diskextend Persistent non-production adapter for Sails.js / Waterline

sails-extended-policies Module for sails.js for control policies inside controllers or models

sails-factory Simple model factory for Sails.js. Inspired by factory_girl and rosie.

sails-generate Runner script for sails generators

sails-generate-adapter Generate a adapter for Sails.

sails-generate-auth Generate a Passport.js authentication layer for your Sails app that will Rock Your Socks™.

sails-generate-backend Generate a backend for Sails.

sails-generate-controller Generate a controller for Sails.

sails-generate-frontend Generate a frontend for Sails.

sails-generate-generator Generate a sails generator.

sails-generate-gruntfile Generate a gruntfile for Sails.

sails-generate-gulp-bower Generate Gulp and Bower configs and scaffolding for a sailsjs project

sails-generate-model Generate a model for a Sails app.

sails-generate-new Generate a new Sails app.

sails-generate-new-but-like-express Generate a new for Sails.

sails-generate-new-coffee Generate a new Sails app in CoffeeScript.

sails-generate-new-with-mast Override for `sails new` that sets up a new project w/ Mast.

sails-generate-views Generate default views for Sails.

sails-generate-views-jade Generate a views-jade for Sails.

sails-irc IRC adapter for Sails.js

sails-local-fs Local filesystem streaming binary adapter for Sails.js / Waterline

sails-lua-redis Redis adapter for waterline

sails-magento Magento adapter for Sails / Magento

sails-mandrill Mandrill adapter for sails/waterline >= v0.10

sails-memory Non-persistent in-memory adapter for Sails.js / Waterline

sails-migrations The missing, migrations, arm of the octopus

sails-moduleloader ERROR: No file found!

sails-mongo Mongo DB adapter for Sails.js

sails-mongoose Mongoose adapter for Sails.js

sails-mssql MSSQL Adapter for Sails.js

sails-mysql MySQL adapter for Sails.js

sails-nedb NeDB adapter for Sails / Waterline - 0.10.x

sails-neo4j Neo4j adapter for Sails.js

sails-oracle Oracle adapter for Sails.js

sails-parse API adapter

sails-postgresql a postgreSQL adapter for Waterline and Sails.js

sails-postgresql-adikus a postgreSQL adapter for Waterline and Sails.js

sails-react Integration of fb react into sailsjs.

sails-redis Redis adapter for waterline

sails-rest REST adapter for Sails.js

sails-rethinkdb RethinkDB adapter for Sails.js

sails-riak Riak adapter for Sails.js

sails-s3 s3 adapter for sails/waterline

sails-stringfile translated/localized stringfiles containing messages from Sails core and dependencies

sails-twitter Twitter adapter for Sails.js

sails-util Shared utilities between sails, waterline, etc. Javascript SDK for communicating w/ a Sails server via WebSockets/ This is a extended for node, that works with sailjs. It adds the handshake functionality and implements the GET POST PUT DELETE functions from sails

skipper Bodyparser for Express/Sails. Exposes simple API for streaming multiple files to disk, S3, etc. without buffering to a .tmp directory.

validr Validations without ties to any framework. Inspired by validator, express-validator and validictorian.

waterline An ORM for Node.js and the Sails framework

waterline-adapter-tests Integration tests for waterline adapters

waterline-blob Generic helper logic for building a waterline/sails blob adapter

waterline-dirty Waterline adapter for felixge's node-dirty

waterline-errors Standard adapter errors from Waterline

waterline-mongo Mongo DB adapter for Waterline ORM

waterline-mysql MySQL adapter for Waterline ORM

waterline-redis Redis adapter for Waterline ORM

waterline-rethinkdb A RethinkDB adapter for the Waterline ORM. Works in a Sails.js app or in anything using Waterline for the ORM.

waterline-schema The core schema builder used in the Waterline ORM.

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