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browser-sanitize-html Sanitize html, for browser environments

connect-cleaner connect-cleaner - simple url sanitizer

editable-sanitize-component ContentEditable sanitizer for use with nickjackson/editable

ender-validator Data validation, filtering and sanitization for node.js (modified for ender)

express-sanitizer Express middleware for the sanitizer module.

express-validate Data validation, filtering and sanitization for express

express-validator Express middleware for the validator module.

greergan-validator Data validation, filtering and sanitization for node.js (awaiting pull request for official validator)

hazmat Validation and sanitization of input parameters

input-filter-async A high-level library for filtering (sanitisation) and validating input data

mimosa-groundskeeper A Mimosa module to remove specific code, like console statements, from JavaScript

ng-sanitize angular-sanitize module without using the entire angular.js

node-xss codeigniter like xss for node.js

nodebb-plugin-sanitizehtml An HTML Sanitizer parser for NodeBB

resanitize Regular expression-based HTML sanitizer and ad remover, geared toward RSS feed descriptions

restify-validator Restify middleware for the validator module.

sanitize-arguments Easily check function arguments

sanitize-caja sanitize html using caja and reasonable assumptions

sanitize-filename Sanitize string for use as filename

sanitize-object Take only the fields you need from a JS object

schema-inspector Schema-Inspector is a powerful tool to sanitize and validate JS objects.

simple-xss Simple whitelist-based html sanitizer for node and browser.

slugify-url Maps urls to simplified strings usable as filenames

valid-models A library that handles validation and sanitization of models using the model structure

validator String validation and sanitization

validator-errors A wrapper for the validator package that adds an error list

validator-extended String validation and sanitization based on validator.js

vdr Simple, pluggable validation for stuff.

xss Sanitize untrusted HTML (to prevent XSS) with a configuration specified by a Whitelist. 根据白名单过滤HTML(防止XSS攻击)

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