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cote An auto-discovery mesh network framework for building fault-tolerant and scalable applications

distribus A scalable, distributed message bus

enmasse A toolbox for creating large-scale multi-agent systems.

flexible Easily build flexible, scalable, and distributed, web crawlers.

hydra.js Framework that gives you the tools to write your application using modules or widgets and make easy to work with them.

hydrajs-router-plugin Hydra.js plugin to execute the specified callback when the url changes.

hydrajs-sandbox-plugin Hydra.js plugin to continue using the old sandbox system to manage events in new releases.

hydrajs-testing-helper Hydra.js testing helper tools to improve testability of modules.

kurunt Real-time processing of streaming data at any scale.

olives A JS Framework for creating realtime and scalable web applications. Based on Emily.js and

point-in-big-polygon Industrial strength point in polygon test

pusher-pipe The client for new realtime API, Pipe.

scalable-server Unlimited Scalable Server

scalable-server-client Console Client for the Unlimited Scalable Server

sinonjs-hydrajs-testing-helper SinonJS adapter to use it with hydrajs-testing-helper. Scalable Socket.IO

ssm-irc IRC Module for the Unlimited Scalable Server

yoda etcd mesh force is

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