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acceptance Validate dynamic parameters against a predefined schema

alamid-schema Extendable mongoose-like schemas for node.js and the browser

amanda JSON Schema validator

amd-plugins A handy collection of AMD plugins.

apigoose Mongoose rest api helpers.

appex develop nodejs web applications with typescript

ast-match Match AST nodes using JSON Schema.

attributes Query a database (currently PostgreSQL or Sqlite3) for its schema — columns or attributes — and get their properties, such as name, type and default value in a common format. You can use this for e.g. introspection or preparing your domain models like Rails's Active Record does.

auto-schema automatic redshift schema definition for an object

backbone-blueprint Create object hierarchies based on json schema

backbone-model-definition Model definitions for Backbone, providing validation and mutators.

backbone-schema Forced schemas for Backbone models.

backbone.schema The plugin helps you define schemas for your models. It supports a regular types, arrays, nested or reference models/collections, allows to define a custom data types and computable properties.

baucis Build scalable REST APIs using the open source tools and standards you already know.

blueprint A database agnostic model layer and OOP implementation designed for reusability between the client and server

blueprint-model Allow the definition of models.

bmrest REST framework over express

bmrest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Bmrest library

brest REST framework over express

brest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Brest library

bullhorn-js A client-side library for global topic-based messaging.

chai-json-schema Chai plugin for JSON Schema v4

chk The world's only javascript value checker

chrome-extension-manifest-schema JSON Schema for validating Chrome extension manifest.json

conform A schema validation and filtering framework

contracts Validation library to define and validate JSON Schemas for functions and express handlers. Supports filters.

cores CouchDB resources with validation

csv-convert convert csv to json and use schema to invalidation.

def.js A multiple-dispatch function overloading library.

derby-validate-user Add validation to Derby User.

derby-validate-user-lang Add language translation to Derby User validation.

docparse-bill mongoose model schema for bills used in the DocParse system

draft Construct Object schemas and models

dynamoose Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose)

enscript Use a JSON schema in node.js to manage Sqlite3 create/upgrade scripts

ensure-schema Ensure that databases always have a given structure.

esquema validate objects against a schema

EVE A JavaScript object schema, processor and validation lib.

eventual-schema Combine objects into eventual schemas. Supply rules on when to freeze into a generalised schema

express-schema [![Build Status](](

F Simple middleware

formatik To validate associative arrays

gatekeeper multi purpose data validation library

generator-mongoose A mongoose schema generator for Yeoman

grapple Abstracts the creation of Mongoose schemas, encapsulating the creation of inline dynamic schemas, the definition of 'in' and 'out' transformation methods that handle complex nested document references.

grunt-jassi Validate JSON documents with Jassi.

grunt-json-schema Grunt json-schema validation task

grunt-tv4 Validate values against json-schema v4

grunt-z-schema Grunt plugin for z-schema, a JSON Schema validator.

interfascist validate JavaScript objects against interfaces

jassi Jassi is a JSON data validator.

jayschema A comprehensive JSON Schema validator for Node.js

joi Object schema validation

joi-model Model generation based on Joi schema validation

joi-v1 Object schema validation

joiful-experiments Object schema validation (experimental fork)

joy Delighfully simple schema validation.

jrpc-schema Parses a json schema into a simple usable api object

js-json-schema create json schema from javascript configuration

js-schema A simple and intuitive object validation library

jschema a JSON-schema validation library

jski json schema validator

json_validator Define a schema for your json, and validate it

json-gate A friendly, fast JSON schema validator

json-schema JSON Schema validation and specifications

json-schema-js JSON Schema validation and specifications

json-schema-mapper A json-schema mapper

json-schema-orm Object-relational mapping from JSON Schema

json-schema-random Given a JSON Schema, provide a random valid instance

json-schema-random-instance Generates random instances from a JSON schema

json-schemer A JSON Schema validator and processor.

json-settings-schema Use json schema spec to validate a provided JSON object or filename including schema's defaults

json-transfom translate json into a structure you want

json-transform translate json into a structure you want

json-validator Validates JSON against a schema

jsonary Jsonary - use JSON Schema in your client

jsonchk JSON struct checker

jsonschema A fast and easy to use JSON Schema validator

jsonschema-mapper A json-schema to ORM mapper

jsonschema-validator JSON schema validator modified based on jsonschema Tom de Grunt <>. This is a modified version for my usage. I am in process of creating configurable feature and submit pull request.

JSV A JavaScript implementation of a extendable, fully compliant JSON Schema validator.

jsv-easy JSV made easy

jsvdraft4 A JavaScript implementation of a extendable, fully compliant JSON Schema validator.

jsvutil A Node.js utility wrapper for the JSON Schema Validator (JSV).

jts-infer Infer a JSON Table Schema from a readable stream of a CSV source

jts-validator A validator for JSON tabular data

jugglingdb-model-loader An extended JugglingDB Schema class to help with loading model definitions from separate files.

kcauchy-tv4 A public domain JSON Schema validator for JavaScript

klei-mongodef Utilities to handle Mongoose Schema Definitions, to convert to JSON and vice versa

legitjs Lightweight objects and strings validation for Node.js

matic Automated HTML documentation for JSON schemas

mcl Simple script to help load controllers and models dynamically

metaimages Create correctly sized images for use in social media meta tags.

minimodel Minimal, database agnostic Models for Node.js (and the Browser)

minschema a (html form) schema builder & validator

mmdb Model-MongoDB

model.js Library for performing validation on javascript objects. Allows easy reuse of validation logic on browser/server

mongo-json-schema A schema validator for objects going into mongo

mongodb-model MongoDB Model And Validator

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