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mongodb-schema-miner Generate schemas from MongoDB collections

mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-any-index Extra index functionality for mongoose

mongoose-double Double support for Mongoose

mongoose-email-address-manager Manage multiple email addresses per user (or other model/doc) with this mongoose schema plugin.

mongoose-function Function storage for Mongoose

mongoose-geojson-schema Schema definitions for GeoJSON types for use with Mongoose JS

mongoose-long Long number type for Mongoose

mongoose-moment Adds Moment storage support to Mongoose

mongoose-number Provides Mongoose v2 sub-classed Number with atomic increment/decrement support

mongoose-prefixset Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-regexp Adds RegExp storage support to Mongoose

mongoose-schema-extend mongoose schema inheritance and discriminator key extension

mongoose-schema-lastmodifiedfields mongoose schema plugin to create last modified fields for each field and update them automatically

mongoose-schema-model Validation and formatting, converting MongooseDB schema definitions to be used in any environment

mongoose-schemagen Exceptionally featureful RESTful web services middleware for Connect.

mongoose-validator Validators for mongoose models utilising node-validator

mongoose-visual Generate a styled HTML document representing your loaded Mongoose.js Models

mongoosefiller mongoose plugin, populate and keep updated references to documents in other collection.

monsoon Allows for easy & extensible CRUD REST API generation using Express & Mongoose

mschema A schema language for defining the structure of JSON data

mschema-rpc Minimalistic Remote Procedural Call library using mschema validation for remote method's input and output.

mschema-wallet mschema for digital wallets

mysql-schema mysql queries helper

node-document Many document stores, Y U NO interface?

node-document-api HTTP API endpoint/middleware for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator Validator adapter interface for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-amanda Validator adapter `amanda` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-jsongate Validator adapter `json-gate` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-jsonschema Validator adapter `json-schema` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-jsv Validator adapter `jsv` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-schema Validator adapter `schema` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-microdata-scraper Scrape a webpage with given URL, parse and extract microdata ( and return a JSON.

node-schema-object Node object with validated, transformed & typecasted schema.

nodejs-model A simple, minimalistic object model for nodejs

object-schema Object filter/schema for filtering, checking and validating javascript objects

object-schema-validator A simple and intuitive object validation library

object-validation Validate objects.

objet-data Auto-persisting data objects

openifyit-mongoose-types More types for mongoose

package.json-schema JSON Schema for node/npm package.json

parambulator A simple way to generate nice error messages for named parameters.

persist-schema node-persist schema extension.

pg-validator postgresql database schema validation and creation utility

piton-entity Tools for managing objects that represent business entities

pkgconfig Reads and validates JSON configuration files for Node.js packages.

polyclay a schema-enforcing model class for node with optional key-value store persistence

polyclay-couch couch persistence adapter for polyclay, the schema-enforcing document mapper

ratify A Hapi plugin for validating the schema of path, query, request body, and response body params using JSON-schema

recliner A schema/model factory for couchDB

reheat A red hot Node.js ORM for RethinkDB.

reqhooks 'reqhooks' a collection of request / response stream hooks for connect

rest-spec JSON spec validator for RESTful APIs

rix Just a simple MongoDB object modeling for Node.JS

robocop.js Define and validate rules, datatypes and schemata in Node and in the browser.

roose Extremely simple, promise based Redis object modeling tool.

rules Validate objects against predefined rules (node.js).

schema Sophisticated JSON schema data validation and adaptation

schema-to-sql translate auto-schema object to table sql

schema-validator JSON Schema validation library for JavaScript / Node / Express.

schema-validator.js ## Installation

schema.js A schema validation and filtering framework

schemary A schema control utility. It provides validation and enforcement of object schemas. Schemary is to schema as Trickery is to trick. It is not an ORM.

schemata Define, create, and validate your business objects, based on specified schema.

schematic-js A library that provides JSON schema model validation and hardening.

schematizer A module to create server and client side schema from json files.

schematron Yet another schema validation library, including Connect/Express middlewares

schmaltz Schema tools

scrub scrub arguments until they are clean

semantic-schema-parser A NodeJS module to extract micro-data from html docs

semver-migrate upgrade objects based on a semver-keyed migration map

sequelize-migrator Migrate SequelizeJS migrations without SequelizeMeta table dependency and depdency management.

simple-schema Simple object validation framework

simpleschema The simplest, most extendible schema class you will ever come across

simpleschema-mongo Mongo component for the simpleschema module

simpleschema-tingo Tingo component for the simpleschema module

sitegear3-validator-schema Validator for sitegear3 that uses JSON schema validation.

smithy-js A library for building gadget-based applications.

sorm Simple Object Relational Mapper with Node JS

suit Super simple object validation.

tableize Generate a table-friendly object by flattening and normalizing the keys

tracery an object structure predicate builder (make functions to test an object's structure)

tv4 A public domain JSON Schema validator for JavaScript

tv4-formats Common JSON Schema string format constraints in the form of tv4 validator callbacks

typing A type checking and JSON schema validation library

typson generates json-schema from TypeScript declarations

underscore-data Practical tools to manage schemaful mongodb documents

useful-schema useful schema for working with data sets

validate-schema validate objects against redshift schema definitions

validator-js Simple javascript validator

vdr Simple, pluggable validation for stuff.

vor Lightweight models for node.js and browsers

xml2orm Read database schema XML file and build ORM model available for Node.js

xsd-schema-validator A (XSD) schema validator for nodejs

yi-convert 提供了一些常用格式如csv,json的转换和schema的数据规范化

z-schema JSON schema validator

zukai Riak ODM

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