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biwascheme A practical Scheme interpreter written in JavaScript

color-scheme Generate pleasant color schemes

file-url Convert a path to a file url: unicorn.jpg ➔ file:///Users/sindresorhus/unicorn.jpg

generator-scheme-web A Yeoman generator for Scheme Designs web project scafolding

hawk HTTP Hawk Authentication Scheme

httpls Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS

iterm-colors Converts iTerm2's color schemes (plist files) to a JSON array useable in term.js and others

jex Scheme like expression compiler. Compiles to javascript.

komodo-scheme A class for parsing Komodo Edit/IDE scheme files (*.ksf) into a workable format.

numerical gives yr numbers math helpers

rumcoke A language with Scheme syntax and JavaScript semantics

schema-validator JSON Schema validation library for JavaScript / Node / Express.

scheme Uniform Resource Identifier Builder

she add brackets for sheme code

uristream Stream from URI-based resources

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