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cwise Component-wise map/reduce for ndarrays

ndarray-ops Common operations for ndarray arrays

pretty-exponential `Number.prototype.toExponential` made beautiful.

sci-calc Command-line cientific calculator based on node REPL, with the possibility to declare functions and variables, and save them and load them. This command-line calculator possesses a permanent history.

typed-array-function Typed-array-function allows the simple creation of element wise function operators for javascript TypedArray data.

typed-array-ops Element wise operator functions for ndarray data.

typed-array-rotate Rotate a data array

typed-array-warp Warp a data array

typed-matrix-ops Numeric Javascript matrix operators ported to typed-array-function

typed-numeric-uncmin Port of Numeric Javascript unconstrained minimization to typed-matrix-ops/typed-array-ops

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