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amplitude-viewer render amplitudes like an oscilloscope in the browser given arrays of data

angularjs-scope.safeapply A Scope Wrapper for AngularJS

ast-scope A JavaScript AST scope analyzer

attr-scope invoke constructors at attributes to provide controller scopes for attractor

auth-scope Create authorization scope from collection of roles and/or permissions.

block-scope A simple helper tool to create block scopes, that are easier to read than self-invoked anonymous functions.

coffeelint-variable-scope CoffeeLint rule that warn you when you accidentally overwrite outer scope variable

composers Framework for abstracting nuances of asynchronous coding.

defs Static scope analysis and transpilation of ES6 block scoped const and let variables, to ES3.

episcope ECMAScript scope analyzer

es6-transpiler es6 -> es5

extend-context like _.bind() or _.bindAll() but extends 'this' instead of replacing it

frequency-viewer plot frequencies in the browser from raw data

methodder Always carry your scopes

mongoose-function Function storage for Mongoose

private Utility for associating truly private state with any JavaScript object

scope Define and work with lexical scopes.

scope-lang Scope is a programming language designed to revolutionize web application development for both the back-end and front-end developer.

scopenv environment variables with any number of prefixes

scoper modify nested scope at runtime

scopify scope browserify's require away

scopup Scope analysis of an Mozilla Parser AST (from esprima)

stik.js A JS library to wire you JavaScript execution to your HTML template

that Advanced Node.js framework featuring Evented Evolution Engine, Seamless State Sharing, and Plugin-optimized Operation

thus Create a JavaScript scope in which the enclosing function's first argument is referred to as `this'

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