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assetment Assesses & extracts references to all the assets in your markup.

banker Downloads transactions and balances from online banking websites using Zombie.js.

bast bitcoin address scraping tool

cheerio-httpcli html client module with cheerio & iconv

claw Simple web scraper chassis, scrapes fields from a list of web pages and dumps the results to JSON/CSV files.

cli-scrape screen scrape from command line with xpath or css selectors

comics-feed Scrape comics strips from feed, embed the strip images and create a new feed

complex-finance A complicated interface to your Simple Finance account.

confreaks Scraper for Confreaks

craigslist-utils Nodejs utilities for scraping/crawling/working with craigslist

cts-cli Cascading Tree Sheets command line interface

curljs Node.js module that wraps curl functionality

docparse-scraper-nge-imacros complete iMacros scraper for ngrid electric

dollar Web scraper with a jQuery like wrapper

ego Find your rank on Google and other search engines.

get-urls Get all urls in a string

google A module to search and scrape google. This is not sponsored, supported, or affiliated with Google Inc.

google-scraper Extract links from Google SERP

google-tools Compilation of various google utility functions

graze A scraping library for node.js

hkstock-holdings Scrape HKExnews share holdings page and output JSON data

image-scraper Scrape images from a website easily.

jedi-crawler Lightsabing Node/PhantomJS crawler. Crawl almost everything, including AJAX content.

jquery-freeze Freezes the state of the DOM and serializes as a string.

jscrape jsdom + request + jquery for the truly lazy

json-scrape scrape json from messy input streams

linkscrape A Node.js module to scrape and normalize links from an HTML string.

metahub github metadata cache/mirror

microscape Micro Sc(r)ape the Web!

node-microdata-scraper Scrape a webpage with given URL, parse and extract microdata ( and return a JSON. A distributed data scraping and processing framework A distributed data scraping and processing framework for node.js

pagecapture Captures screenshots, html, or plain text of a web site using Phantom.js

pagescrape Web page scraping tools

phone-numbers Library for finding phone numbers, especially in obfuscated formats

price-finder Finds the prices of retail items online

scrape-markdown A simple utility for scraping web pages and returning the results in Markdown.

scrape-pages Scrape any content splitted into pages

scrape-url Scrape URLs with CSS selectors

scrape2csv A simple node package scraping a web page and spitting the results in a CSV file.

scrapeit Scrape webpages with ease (htmlparser+soupselect+request)

scraperrr Web crawler configured by JSON configurations defining what data fields to scrape from the visited websites using regular expressions or DOM selectors and how to export them as JSON

screpl A pluggable command line scraper with REPL support.

scrim scrape image URIs from HTML

scrowser A server-side scraping web browser

scsync SoundCloud incoming tracks downloader.

session-scraper Simple scraper for imitating browsing sessions

spadeio SpadeIO node.js driver

spatula Spatula scrapes things! Webby things.

specter Specter is a Node.js wrapper for PhantomJS. PhantomJS is a headless browser which enables developers to load pages that rely on Javascript. Specter was made to easily access these dynamically and asynchronously created HTML pages using Node.js.

starget download images from starred Google Reader items

stockscraper Scrape Google's stock API

tanto Lightweight web scraping library

ydl Fetch YouTube video as file in local

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