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get-res Get ten most popular screen resolutions

google A module to search and scrape google. This is not sponsored, supported, or affiliated with Google Inc.

google-tools Compilation of various google utility functions

grabzit Automatically create screenshots of website for free, with GrabzIt. Screenshots can be output in a variety of formats including: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, CSV and XLSX.

grunt-phonegapsplash Create splashscreen from a PNG.

grunt-sauce-screenshots Takes screenshots of webpages in various browsers using Sauce

happy-load Improves loading screen morale.

kaleidoscope View multiple pages at the same time

lyric Get lyric from google

lyric-finder Get lyric from google as library

nesh-clear-screen Clear the screen using ctl-l

nom Nom nom sites using cheerio

open-thumbnailer An open source thumbnailer framework

pageres Get screenshots of websites in different resolutions

pixelscreen Create virtual screens and populate them with (partial) subscreens.

resolutiondppx Get the pixel-based resolution of the host device.

revealjs-capture Capture Reveal.js slides as images

scrap A simple screen scraper module that uses jQuery style semantics.

screen-init quickly initialize screen sessions

screen.object Page Object Pattern for Appium and Mocha.

screencalc Calculate data about any display (width, height, ratio, area, density, etc.)

screenpop A simple and customizable popup.

scricon Generates Icons or Screen Images for Phonegap Build, from an existing image.

scripts-tmux-screen Scripts for working with tmux and screen.

shux streaming shell multiplexer

specter Specter is a Node.js wrapper for PhantomJS. PhantomJS is a headless browser which enables developers to load pages that rely on Javascript. Specter was made to easily access these dynamically and asynchronously created HTML pages using Node.js.

steward A service to continuously watch your computer's desktop and warn you if anything changes on the screen.

w3counter Get ten most popular screen resolutions, browsers, operating system and countries

web2splash A PhoneGap splash screen generator using an HTML document as a template.

wraith A responsive screenshot comparison tool. Based on the Ruby version available at http://github.comm/BBC-News/wraith

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