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aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspa-express Simple, lightweight, dependency-free Connect module for using web assets packaged by aspa.

assembler Assemble and minify your assets for deployment

bigblue-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

docpad-plugin-buildr Adds support for Buildr to DocPad

git-scripts Git hooks integration for Node.js projects

grunt-execute Execute code in node

grunt-injector Inject references to files into other files (think scripts and stylesheets into an html file)

gulp-bundle Parse build blocks in HTML to concatenate JavaScript and CSS files.

gulp-inject A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp, i.e. inject file references into your index.html

gulp-useref Parse build blocks in HTML files to replace references to non-optimized scripts or stylesheets.

hubot-bangmotivate !m for Hubot

hubot-caffeine Hubot coffee me

hubot-docker-build Hubot docker build my stuff

hubot-hall-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

hubot-modcloth Some hubot scripts from ModCloth

hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

hubot-scripts-german-sites Some hubot scripts for german websites

importjs A port of ImportJS for node. Enables a packaging system for JavaScript class, similar to that of Java or ActionScript 3.

joapp A collection of small scripts that help you a lot when you create a new web application.

karma-preprocessor-pullscripts Karma preprocessor that downloads JS files from <script> tags from html

node-useref Parse build blocks in HTML files to replace references

qdl Download files asynchronously.

qdlc A command line wrapper for qdl.

redis-scripts Script manager module for Redis Lua script functionality.

script-extractor Extract script sources from a html file to use in uglify task

script-tags Utils for HTML script tags. Extracts script tags from HTML and parse them into objects with useful information.

scripts-debian-pkg Scripts that assist in working with Debian packages via apt.

scripts-npm-extras Scripts for working with npm packages.

scripts-tmux-screen Scripts for working with tmux and screen.

tasker Simple command line tasks. Kinda like Make, Rake, Jake, Whatever-ake

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