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angular-scrollto Angular directive to scroll to element by selector

angular-smart-scroll Smart infinite scroll directive for Angular.js that is customizable to support nested, horizontal, vertical, and/or bidirectional scrolls

css-scroll-by Scroll the page by a given offset using CSS transitions

derby-ui-infinite-scroll A Derby component for infinite scrolling

domscroll return window scroll position, scroll window

elasticscroll Tool to use the Elasticsearch Scrooll API

ep_scrollto Scroll to a specific line number based on a parameter of lineNumber in the URL IE -- Users can click on the line number to get a link

ep_scrolltoanchor Scroll to line containing #anchor based on a parameter of anchor in the URL, e.g.

get-scrollmax-x Get the value equivalent to window.scrollMaxX

get-scrollmax-y Get the value equivalent to window.scrollMaxY

giga-scroll Virtual scroll component for Knockout.js

infinityjs infinity.js adds infinite scrolling to webpages

jquery-scrollto Smooth Scrolling to any jQuery/DOM Element

jquery-slidescrollpanel Create sliding scroll panels that slide in by touch, trackpad and scrolling

laziestloader A responsive-aware jQuery plugin to smartly lazy load images and other elements.

ng-down AngularJS directive bottom page trigger.

omniscroll Provides unified delta values via plugins regardless of source.

omniscroll-keyboard An omniscroll plugin for delta values coming from a KeyboardEvent

omniscroll-touch An omniscroll plugin to calculate delta values based on a TouchEvent

omniscroll-wheel An omniscroll plugin for delta values coming from a WheelEvent.

parallaxify Add parallax effect to your existing pages

react-ellipsis React ellipsis component

react-infinite-scroll React Infinite Scroll =====================

scroll-bounds Event emitter for scroll boundaries.

scroll-fever A progress bar that fills up as you scroll down the page.

scroll-position get the current scrolling position of the browser window

scroll-to Smooth window scroll to position with requestAnimationFrame

scrollfix Small script to fix some of the issues with iOS5's overflow:scroll;

scrollmonitor A simple and fast API to monitor DOM elements as you scroll

scrollwatcher Module that emits events when elements scroll into view.

showup Basic jQuery plugin for hiding navbar when scolling down, and showing it when scrolling up.

skroller Skroll around

top-most respond to the top most visible DOM element changing

waypoints Fire events when scrolling down the page

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