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consulate-scrypt scrypt password hashing plugin for consulate

crypto-wrapper Wrapper module for demonstrating and simplifying Crypto implementation in Node.js

js-scrypt JS Implementation of SCrypt for use with NodeJS

js-scrypt-em Emscripten-compiled Javascript version of scrypt, a high-quality password-based key derivation function.

multi-hashing node-multi-hashing ===============

nermal The cutest secure JavaScript authenticated encryption container

pbkdf2-sha256 pbkdf2-sha256 is a PBDKF2 implementation using HMAC SHA256

scrypt The scrypt crypto library for NodeJS

scrypt-hash crypto_scrypt binding for node

scrypt-jane-hash node-scrypt-jane-hash ===============

scrypt256-hash node-scrypt256-hash ===============

scryptsy scryptsy ========

stratum-pool High performance Stratum poolserver in Node.js

stratum-solo SHA256 coins (like Bitcoin) and Scrypt coins (like Litecoin) centralized solo mining pool. This "pool" just do the routing between daemons and the miners.

xgminer An npm module to provide an API client for cgminer (supports sgminer/bfgminer)

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