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authoritee Authoritative models for scuttlebutt meshes

galaxya embeddable peer 2 peer service discovery and configuration service

gossipmonger Gossip protocol endpoint for real-time peer-to-peer replication

gossipmonger-memory-storage In-memory storage engine for Gossipmonger

gossipmonger-peer Peer datastructure for Gossipmonger

gossipmonger-tcp-transport TCP Transport for Gossipmonger

grapevine gossip protocol - a fork of gossiper module with some added features

level-stay Persistence for scuttlebutts based on LevelDB

persisetnec Persistence engines for scuttlebutts

rtc-mesh A synchronized, distributed P2P mesh data structure using WebRTC data channels

scurry A leveldb-backed consistent hash ring, for your toy caching needs.

scuttle-example An example of demoing the scuttlebut protocol

scuttledemo A demo of the simple-scuttle module

scuttler Automatic network communication

seneca-rumours-store Seneca data store plugin for RumoursDB

stay Persistent scuttlebutt instances for browser and node

voter Distributed voting based on Scuttlebutt

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