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redsip Redis search (with word prefix) for node.js

replace Command line search and replace utility

replacer Transform stream that performs text search and replacements

replacestream A node.js through stream that does basic streaming text search and replace and is chunk boundary friendly

resolveit A highly configurable file resolver

rjson-search A recursive JSON search for words anywhere within the structure.

sapi Sensis API node.js client

sarray Sorted Array - uses binary search for fast insertion / reading

seamsearch a nodejs fulltext search engine

search faster 'ack' written with nodejs

search-index A text search index module for Node.js. Search-index allows applications to add, delete and retrieve documents from a corpus. Retrieved documents are ordered by tf-idf relevance, filtering on metadata, and field weighting

search-modules search-modules --------------

search-query-parser Parser for advanced search query syntax

search-text-tokenizer A tokenizer for Google-like search text

searcher search for a specific string (support RegExp) in one or Multiple file directory

searchlight searchlight is a simple and fast inverted search index stored in redis

searchtracks Search Tracks

seeq Search or detect name on some resource (GitHub, NPM, Component, Bower, Jam, ...)

seneca-elasticsearch elasticsearch plugin for seneca

sifter A library for textually searching arrays and hashes of objects by property (or multiple properties). Designed specifically for autocomplete.

simon Simple Mongodb for Node.js library

simplay Given an artist name it spits out links to playlists and/or search results of similar artists on youtube, and rdio.

simple-elasticsearch Minimalistic Elasticsearch client

snapsearch-client-nodejs NodeJS HTTP Client Middleware Libraries for SnapSearch. Search engine optimisation for single page applications.

solr-search Small solr client

sorted-array An implementation of John von Neumann's sorted arrays in JavaScript. Implements insertion sort and binary search for fast insertion and deletion.

sorted-map a sorted map based heavily upon redis' skip list implementation

sorted-object-array An implementation of John von Neumann's sorted arrays in JavaScript. Implements insertion sort and binary search of JavaScript objects for fast insertion and deletion.

sorted-set a sorted set based heavily upon redis' skip list implementation

splunk-sdk SDK for usage with the Splunk REST API

spotify-metadata Spotify api wrapper. Metadata lookup and search. Works with Spotify and http uris

spotlight An object crawler/property search library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.

sqlite-okapi-bm25 SQLite extension for Okapi BM25 ranking algorithm

static-range-query Fast n-dimensional orthogonal range searches for static point sets

stream-snitch Event emitter for watching text streams with regex patterns

streamsearch Streaming Boyer-Moore-Horspool searching for node.js

table.js html table controller

text-filter A nano-scale module to match text in arrays

tiny-data Tiny data mining engine, with path materialization and naive map-reduce logic

tokyotosho Search and retrieve details from Tokyo Toshokan (

topcoat-search-input-base Topcoat search input base styles.

torrent_project A node.js library for accessing the Torrent Project REST API.

torrent-search Simple Node API wrapper for Isohunt torrents search API

trail check an array of search paths to find a file

tree-layout-tester Tests cases for various tree layout algorithms

tremor-elastic Use tremor to shove leg-format logs into ElasticSearch

triecomplete An in-memory node.js autocomplete package based on the trie data structure, based off the autocomplete module

tritium An implementation of a ternary search tree.

twitter-search-terms Extract twitter search terms

twitter-searchcount Count the number of available Twitter search results for a term

upper-bound Find the index of the first element greater than x in a sorted array

wack wack ack

waldo-imii In-memory inverted-index

wikipedia-js A simple client to query wikipedia

www-npm-search elastic search module for npmjs

xmpp-ftw-search Jabber search (XEP-0055) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xray Scan/search javascript objects and their properties

xvideos Access programmatically

xvideos-cli Command line application for searching

ya-npm-search command line interface for

yal-elasticsearch Elasticsearch plugin for yal-server

youtube-search Search for youtube videos

ziggy-ddg-search duck duck go search plugin for ziggy

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