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404project Report 404 errors to

authorization-server-client Client to access an authorization server for oauth2 token validation in a distributed environment.

authorized Action based authorization middleware.

authy API lib for node.js

authy-node Authy API wrapper

bacl Simple, fast and secure node ACL

cansecurity cansecurity is your all-in-one security library for user authentication, authorization and management in node expressjs apps

caradoc node js framework

caradoc-entity entity managment for caradoc framework

caradoc-login login service for caradoc framework

caradoc-router router for caradoc framework

caradoc-security security middleware for caradoc framework

caradoc-server server for caradoc framework

caradoc-sql service SQL for caradoc framework

caradoc-user default user for caradoc framework

casable Node CAS plugin

clamscan Use Node JS to scan files on your server with ClamAV's clamscan binary. This is especially useful for scanning uploaded files provided by un-trusted sources.

clarity Simple utility to convert obfuscated strings (primary use case is password urls) into the actual equivalent

clerobee A featureful dependency-free UID generator

commander-test testing commander in global installation

connect-csrf-lite CSRF validation middleware for Connect/Express

connect-roles Provides dynamic roles based authorization for node.js connect and express servers.

content-security-policy Middleware to add Content-Security-Policy header.

couchdb-emily-tools Complete set of tools for synchronizing an observable key/value stores with CouchDB documents, views, and managing users or security documents. Works both in the browser and in node.js

cradle_security Add users, roles and authorization creation commands to Cradle module

credential Easy password hashing and verification in Node. Protects against brute force, rainbow tables, and timing attacks.

cryptiles General purpose crypto utilities

cryptonite Encryption & decryption and signing of objects for node.js made simple

csprng Secure random numbers of any size in any base

dnschain A blockchain-based DNS + HTTP server that fixes HTTPS security, and more!

easy-pbkdf2 Easily generate securily salted PBKDF2 hashes for password storage

easypass Pronounceable Password Generator

elkington A node.js module for interfacing with the Elk M1 Gold automation controller

esecurity Add security layers to express.

evilportscanner evilPortScanner is a mandatory addon for evilProbe project. It's a simple TCP port scanner at the moment.

evilscan Massive ports scanner for node.

express-bouncer Express middleware for mitigating brute-force attacks

express-brute A brute-force protection middleware for express routes that rate limits incoming requests

express-standard Easy method to define standard express headers and assist with Content-Security-Policy including social media widgets

expresswall very basic security layer for express/connect

fakeblock Field-level ACL library for Node.js and NoSql document stores

fortress Fortress is designed for the defense of client side applications.

fusker Application firewall. Detect, prevent, and fight back against hackers in the lulziest ways possible

grunt-nsp-package Grunt plugin for Node Security Project package.json validation

grunt-nsp-shrinkwrap Grunt plugin for Node Security Project npm-shrinkwrap.json validation

grunt-retire Grunt plugin for retire.

hapi-advisories Hapi plugin to deal with advisiories on

hashit A simple hashing method for passwords, codes and secret things

hashthepass Generate a hash for your passwords based on the site

helmet Security header middleware collection for Express/Connect

homosapien simpler and more effective captcha: human cognition beats visual perception

hood cover your head. security headers middleware.

http-bearer-token-file-store A low security file based storage for tokens that can be used to secure web services.

hungarian-magic hungarian typechecking magic

id_translator Translate internal integer IDs to safe public identifiers

iframeable Checks is website is safe against iframing and clickjacking attack

jwt-lean Lean JSON Web Token module

kerberos Kerberos library for Node.js

koa-helmet Security header middleware collection for koa

kryp Very simple encryption methods for strings.

levitate Levitate is an exploit development platform

librecaptcha librecaptcha renders and verifies reCAPTCHA captchas.

lockbox Simple, strong encryption.

login Dead simple login processor for express.js

marketo-soap-security Security object for node 'soap' module for accessing Marketo's SOAP API.

md5-o-matic Fast and simple MD5 hashing utility with zero module dependencies

mechhome A framework for DIY home automation and security monitoring in node.js

midway-security foucs on midway security

mongoose-filter-properties filter readable/writeable properties to protect your models

mongoose-plugins-accessible-by A mongoose plugin that adds role based security information to a schema

mongoose-rbac Role-based access control for mongoose apps.

mongoose-validate Additional Validation functions for your mongoose schema.

msfnode Metasploit RPC client for nodejs

nermal The cutest secure JavaScript authenticated encryption container

node-firewall Unobtrusively handles security based on roles (authorization) plus authentication initialization

node-posh PKIX Over Secure HTTP (POSH) tools for node.js

node-sec Add more security to Node.js.

node-secure Protects globals from being overridden and adds functionality to protect your modules from hacking and code injection

node-shells all the shellz

node-swt A library to validate and parse swt tokens

node-wsfederation An ws-federation implementation for node.js

npm-check-affected Check 'npm ls' for installed packages matching a given version spec

nsp Node Security Project command line tools

ntrace Cross-site Tracing vulnerability assessment tool.

oauth2n OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server Module

owasp-password-strength-test A password-strength tester based upon the OWASP guidelines for enforcing strong passwords.

page-roles page-roles ==========

password-generator Memorable password generator. For the command line, Node.js and the browser.

password-rules enforce rules for reasonable passwords

redefine A lightweight utility for ES6 like classes and an easier ES5 aware object properties definition introducing new, performance oriented, patterns.

resanitize Regular expression-based HTML sanitizer and ad remover, geared toward RSS feed descriptions

rights-middleware Provides dynamic roles based authorization for node.js connect and express servers. This module is a fork from git://

roz Simple, expressive, whitelist authorization for express

safer encrypt an object and save/restore it from a file

safesocket Wraps event handlers to prevent crashes from certain malicious inputs.

sasl-anonymous JavaScript implementation of ANONYMOUS SASL mechanism.

sasl-digest-md5 JavaScript implementation of DIGEST-MD5 SASL mechanism.

sasl-external JavaScript implementation of EXTERNAL SASL mechanism.

sasl-plain JavaScript implementation of PLAIN SASL mechanism.

sasl-scram-sha-1 JavaScript implementation of SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL mechanism.

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