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sasl-x-facebook-platform JavaScript implementation of X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM SASL mechanism.

sasl-x-oauth2 JavaScript implementation of X-OAUTH2 SASL mechanism.

sasl-xoauth2 JavaScript implementation of XOAUTH2 SASL mechanism.

saslmechanisms JavaScript framework for SASL authentication.

scarlet-passport Scarlet plugin for using Passport authentication

scriptprobe Analyse third-party JavaScripts for performance and security before adding them to your website.

secure-filters Anti-XSS filters for security express helper that allows to setup security middleware for all routes at once

security Utility methods for escaping according to OWASP.

security-adventure Go on an educational Web security adventure!

security-lib A node.js security library.

shelter run a process which requires a prompted password, and auto-respawn it when it crashes

shredfile A simple wrapper to the Unix shred command.

sign-url Create and validate signed urls

signing_auth Simple request signing authentication inspired by OAuth but greatly simplified. Useful when you need simple authentication of POST request between the server and client.

simple-csp Very simple Content Security Policy manager

simple-xss Simple whitelist-based html sanitizer for node and browser.

snitch Reports questionable login behavior read from ssh logs and others.

solr-security-proxy reverse proxy to secure solr, rejecting requests that might modify the solr index.

sql-injection This express module detects sql injection attacks and stops them with 403 http status code.

ssltunnel TCP over SSL / TLS tunnel

steward A service to continuously watch your computer's desktop and warn you if anything changes on the screen.

strict-transport-security Middleware to add Strict-Transport-Security header.

sweetp-password-manager Password management for Sweetp.

swt A library to validate and parse swt tokens

tcmount A command line tool for mounting and dismounting TrueCrypt volumes

tolken A simple token handling library for Node.JS web applications

twofish Javascript Twofish implementation.

vault Generates safe passwords for the web

vault-cipher High-level authenticated encryption API used by Vault

vaultinator Generates safe passwords for the web

visualcaptcha Node.js module for visualCaptcha. Still requires you to have the front-end companion.

x-frame-options Express middleware to add an X-Frame-Options response header

xcouch couch [x] lightweight

xss Sanitize untrusted HTML (to prevent XSS) with a configuration specified by a Whitelist. 根据白名单过滤HTML(防止XSS攻击)

you-shall-not-pass a simple way to filter strings

yub Yubico Yubikey API Client for Node.js

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