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app-seed app-seed is an application skeleton for web apps. It uses AngularJS for front-end and Node.js (with hapi) for back-end. It is suitable for Single Page Application (SPA) and provides user authentication with Google OAuth 2.0

arc4rand a seedable random number generator

casual Fake data generator

dinoseed seed a dinosaur project

factory_girl port features from factory_girl rails to nodejs

generator-angular-phonegap-seed A Yeoman generator for getting started with PhoneGap and AngularJS.

generator-angularseed A generator for Angular Seed

generator-mean-seed Yeoman generator for MEAN-seed - AngularJS and node.js responsive/cross-platform/mobile ready app/website

generator-salsa AngularJS salsa for web/mobile apps and browser extensions.

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

koa-angular-seed An Angular.js seed for Koa apps with gulp, stylus, and browserify

meaner MEANER - A Modern Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. Reacharged.

mersenne-twister Mersenne twister pseudorandom number generator

module-seed Seed repo for new node modules

nauth Simple file based usernames and passwords with password hashing.

ng-directive-seed Angular directive seed that is used to kickstart the directive implementation.

patrick.js PatrickJS, my personal framework and utility library

powpow Automated template directory creation

rc4 RC4 random number generator

seed-forge Factory builder for Seed & Mongoose

seed-js Elegant inheritance, attributes and events, both for client-side and server-side JavaScript.

seededshuffle Shuffle and unshuffle an array by seed/key.

seedrandom Seeded random number generator for Javascript.

spatial-noise Spatially deterministic noise generators

uupaa.xorshift.js Xorshift implement.

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